Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Day At Work... :)

Four words people :

Oh no, seriously! :D
I love it, I love it, I love it!

Woke up at 8AM, got ready...
Received a good morning call, hahaa :)
Dad fetched me to Tebrau City at 9.20AM.
After walking all the way to the other end, reached there about ngam-ngam, lol.

Never seen TC this quiet ever since I first visited it when most of the shops weren't operational yet.

Reported self, punched in, got my details and documentations done...
Got intro-ed to every staff in their daily briefings..
Bargained for weekends to be my off day, soon to be known, lol....
Managed to increase my pay to RM850, YES!...
Got my shirts and tag..
I'm off with my job.

Well in the entire line of cashiers,
I'm practically the only one who speaks English and Malay fluently meanwhile sucking bad in my Mandrin.
It's vice versa for the rest of the ladies.
Nevertheless, no communication breakdown... mmm, not really.

Got close to gurls like Hui Ching and Angelina.
Yeap, really nice gurls.
But I mean... they can't even say my name right... sniff.

"It's Melissa"
"Mer-lee-sha? Can I just call you Malaysia? Got chinese name or not?"
"Jia Li [Kah Lai]"
"Ehh... don't call her chinese name lar! Use the English one! More cun!"
"Uhhh.... just call me Mel"

Altogether in chorus, "Miaow??!"

I'm now the cat in the cashier line.

Anyways, the beginnings were observing how my colleagues operate and slowly I picked up with the cashier-ing. Have to know how to operate this "touch-screen" cashier and how the other stuff operate. Yay.
In fact, I'm considered the person who made most of my customers apply for the membership card. I'm very convincing and friendly they said... my colleagues were impressed, be it my first time.

So, cause my good colleagues will catch my back when some customers talk complex chinese which makes me go "huh?", I'll nudge them and they'll help me out.
The same for them when a malay, indian or english-educated customer starts speaking fast which makes them go blurr, I'll be there to catch their backs.

It's funny when you know so many people... and they come right to where you are in public.
Hahaa, many people I know came to purchase stuff and came to me.
My colleagues were like, "Wow, you seem to be very popular...".
Honestly, it's nice to be in my colleagues midst when I'm actually not.

I had some of my buddies going,
"Mel..! *stares at me in my Harris shirt* what are you doing here??"

My pastor and family dropped by, lol... XD

A number of my ex-schoolgurlmates whom I don't know,
came to my cashier whispering in mandrin...
"Omg, I think she's from our school!"
"Are you sure..?"
"Nehh, that's famous one!"
"Hey... she really looks like her! It's like her clone!"

Hello, I've only been gone for a few months, what has changed??
I look like her cause I AM her!
Like, what's your prob...

Another group of ex-schoolguymates...
"Ehh, don't you think she looks like that gurl from our school...?"
"Hey yeah, it really looks like her! Nehh, that famous one! Very talented in many things..."
"I think it's her lar... don't you think so?"

........... -.-" ugh.

Ahhh yess..
Alven and Wanda paid me a visit!!!
Aww, I love you guys... :)
So nice to see them again after that Wednesday in Sunway College.

Anyways in between work, I knew long ago that one of my colleagues who was also my ex-tuition mate worked there. He was like so upset I didn't join his department.
"Why cashier...? Sighs..". LOL.
Then met people like Eric Ho who thought I studied in CA cause he'd seen me before, so he says.
His sister Jasmine studies there though, he studied in Permas Jaya.
Met Fadrizel from Desa Jaya, cool dude :)
And this weird guy who's the promoter, keep staring over at me at the cashier...
I ingat I perasan... but seriously, it's getting freaky.

I ended my day at 7PM+.
Punched out, and walked out around... bumped into more friends I know. LOL.
Like Chen Mean with her bf, Delia in TGV, ex-schoolmates here and there...
Also Jasper and family at Kopitiam, then finally met up with dad.
Only to know that dad bumped into Michelle and Emelia Wong who followed him to look for me.
LOL... but I was with Jasper at Kopitiam. They left after dad found me.
Shopped for groceries and headed for home.

I'm happy really...!
"Ohhh happy day...".
*gets gospelic*

A little tired though.
Legs stood all day..
Sighs, I may have to miss church 2 times a month..
I hope my supervisor will gimme off days on Sundays... but I sorta doubt it.
Harris paling busy on weekends.
"You wait long long...!", says colleagues. Sighs.

They suggested me doing the 2nd shift which is before 12.40PM so that I can go to church.
But in my church, worship ends at about 12.40PM, how bout that..? :(
How am I gonna fly my huge rear end back to Harris?? -.-"
Go to Full Gospel Church? Transport problem pulak... sniff.
Oh geez, how am I gonna study my damn undang??

And my family confirm going back to KL for Chinese New Year...
I wanna stay back to work, RM100 for those 4 days
but I dunno what my parents think :(
They can't bear to leave me here in JB alone. Who'd lemme tumpang their house also?
Everyone balik kampung...sighs.

I still love my job :)
Esok morning shift again.

Reminder to self :
Credit sudah expired, pergi reload esok.

Mark sent me this.
Really cool, I mean like...

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