Friday, January 05, 2007

"Do you wanna go out on a date?"

Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Yeap, it's an import from my xanga blog...

Well, yesterday my best friend, Josh* [identity protected]
invited me out for a new year movie, so he says.

Lol, honestly...
I wasn't even sure if my dad would even let me go out despite the fact that school's over and all.
In fact, I was quite sure that dad would say NO.
So, I just told him that I'll give my dad a ring and will get back to him as soon as possible.

So there I went...
"Hello Pa, Josh wants to treat me out to a movie..."
"Oh when?"
"What time?"
"Just you?"
"JUST you?"
*asks mum in background, Mum: Go lar..*
"Go lar, okay" - hangs up.

For me, that was unbelievable. Dad has been restricting me from movies eventhough SPM was over. Heh, perhaps it was just the fact that Josh was the last person dad would ever worry about. So I called Josh up to tell him that said yes, he told me when he'd pick me up, 7PM, it was done.

"Oooh jie!!! YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE!!", my siblings would tease me non-stop.
"What are you gonna do if he holds your hand??", my youngest brother getting all excited too. Mum's getting hyped on teasing too.
Alright, that's it.

Hah, a date? No, this is NOT a date.
More like a best friend outing.. yeah, that's what it is.
Anything BUT a date.

Nevertheless, got ready and dressed up.
No pics, lol. I didn't think it was necessary.
Hahaa... XD

Sis was getting all excited and thrilled at the idea of me going out with the guy who HAD a crush on me since primary school, but I simply didn't feel the same for him which was sadly heart heartbreaking for him but he eventually got over it. There she being so confident that he would come out with an umbrella for me because it was pouring cats and dogs outside..

Boy, she couldn't be psychic enough.
"I know Josh", she claimed. "You know he would too".
Damn, fine.

There he was standing outside my gates under the pouring rain with a red umbrella, dressed REALLY casual. Mum handed me over to him and he was being a gentlemen opening the car door for me and stuff.
I felt... awkward, lol.

His mum sent us to Tebrau City and after she left, Josh couldn't help but notice how I was dressed that night.
"High heels..?", he smiled as if I was not for real.
"Well, this would be my first seeing you like this..".
Hahaa, he felt so intimidated.
Apparently to him, "we weren't compatible", LOL.

I wanted to watch Eragon cause I didn't get the chance to. But Josh wanted to watch some comedy, so I was fine with that.
Indecisively, he said what about "Love Wrecked"?
Ooh, all I knew that Amanda Bynes was in it, should be fun, so Love Wrecked it was.
Just so you know, I knew nothing about the movie, its sypnosis and all, nothing.

Time was planned in such a way that everything was just smooth, the minute we bought the tickets without any hustle of any queues at all, it was apparently only 4 minutes to showtime.We got our popcorn and drinks and up we went to Hall 4. Hey, we had the best seats in the house, right in the middle and there was hardly anyone around.

"You know, you're one lucky man cause my dad wouldn't allow me with anyone else when I asked.."
"Oh wow... God has favour with me then..!"
"Ohh shut up.. lol"

We talked a lil during the long previews of trailers and then it started. Alright, in case you've watched the show or either read a review about it, perhaps you would understand what I was going through. It was just too awkward for Josh and I cause it was as if we were watching our lives flash through that huge screen.

There were just simply too many similiarities, very cliché for us both.
Too cliché as a matter of fact.

"God, what are you trying to do? What are you trying to tell me..??"
As I adjusted myself in my seat and Josh shared his popcorn with me.

Some of the very cliché scenes...

"What about Ryan?", Jenny's mum asked.
"Eww, kissing him would be like kissing my own brother...", Jenny replied.
I laughed in my heart cause I couldn't agree more.

"Umm, I hope that you're not worried about the fact that...", Ryan said nervously.
"What? About you and Jenny being roomies?", said Jenny's dad completing Ryan's sentence.
"Well, umm.. yeah.."
"Ryan, you're the last person I'm worried about. I'm more worried about that boy Lenny..."
I snorted.

For the sake of those who were like myself and knew nothing about the show,
it's about this 2 best friends [urgh, of all things] Jenny (Amanda Bynes) and Ryan (Jonathan Bennett) just ended high school [oh, what a coincidence] and they're working at this same inn before furthering their studies. In the process she meets her oh-most-adored popstar Jason Masters (Chris Carmack) and tries her luck getting his attention and his love, leaving Ryan on the sides.
IN the end, the best friends ended up as lovers.

After the movie, hahaa... we just started talking about what we were experiencing in our hot seats earlier on.
"It was... awkward", I said.
"Yeah, it's just that... the ending wasn't the same", Josh replied.
I could just look at Josh to see if I could really read what he was thinking.
Heh, 7 years of friendship now.

We were very open to one another cause we were the best of friends, so we shared what we felt and thought. Well, true enough, he has really gotten over me and has already accepted that fact.

After buying a couple of Papa Rotis, we just sat down and catched up on each others' lives.
At 10.30PM, we walked out to the other exit and waited after Josh's mum called to say she's coming.There we were under the starry sky and a full moon after the rain.
Yes, the setting was romantic enough I have to say.
It's just that we were just... best friends.

I asked Josh how he'd feel if he hadn't confessed that early 2006.
"I'd be flying...", that's all he said.
I knew what he meant because the entire night was simply... perfect.
Everything fell into place, planned in an early agenda.

When the familiar vehicle approached, Josh once again being a gentlemen opened the car door and this time he didn't sit infront but followed in after me.
I was wondering why until I saw that there were two people infront now.
Both his parents.

So, his parents were watching both us walking down towards them, mm hmm.In that car, I somehow felt interrogated eventhough we didn't talk much.
Hahaa, perhaps it was because Josh did tell me that his mum felt that it wasn't really alright going out alone with me.
She said it wasn't right, lol. That it wasn't time yet and all.
Josh had fun and enjoyed himself anyway.

And before I reached home, I passed Josh a belated christmas and new year present that I've prepared for him.
Well yeah he felt guilty, but it was his night that night.
He had a rough holiday, things didn't go his way...But that night, I guess it made up for everything else. Well, I hope so.
He was very happy.. :))

Hmm, I could just think to myself that perhaps Josh deserved this...
He had always being seeking for my attention, being so ever caring, leaving me
Honestly, I knew that Josh liked me since primary but I kept our relationship as best friends and that's as far as it went. I knew that he had to come clean and during a phonecall after Planetshakers' Conference 2005, he confessed. With much love, I lovingly told him that I didn't have the same feelings for him and I could just see him as my best friend and brother. He kept quiet for the past 6 years because of the fear of rejection and that I would be an aquaintance to him. Hahaa, I assured him that things would not change between us best friends and I'd never avoid him and be an aquaintance. He was relieved that I reacted in that matter but he took quite sometime to sink in the facts and now, he has moved on.

So right before I get on with my working life and furthering my studies,
he had the perfect opportunity given by God...
A date with me.
"This would be my first date..", Josh said smiling.

I'm sure it meant a lot to him, one way or another.
God is good. He really is.
I guess it's a good start for Josh this 2007.

I reached home at 11PM and my parents didn't lecture me or anything cause I kept them updated with phonecalls.
Hahaa, showing responsibility alright... ;))

Right after dad went to sleep...
Here comes the rest of my family members.
"How did it go??"
"Did he hold your hand??"
"Did anything happen??"
"What happened???"

"No, no, no...!"
In fact, we didn't have much body contact except when we passed the popcorn, that's it.During our walks, we weren't close either, rather far apart in fact.

Well, I had fun. It was great.
It was a date with my best friend.


Anyways, today my OTHER bestie Sue and I went on a..........

Sue and mum came and pick me up at about 2PM to Tebrau City [recalls last night's date, lol]Hahaa...

Urrmmms, after this whole hunt thingy,
I just realise how racist some Malaysians are...
Sighs, saddenning lar right?
We're supposed to live in HARMONY...
Hello, you're in MALAYSIA for goodness sake!

We walked into some shops and the minute they saw me with Sue, they instantly gave a no.
Down right RACIST.
Beh tahan betul.
I wouldn't even want the job if they accepted me and kicked Sue one side because of racism.

Well, Sue doesn't wanna say it but... I know she felt very a little bad...
Sniffx... they're mean!
Sue was glad that I was with her, she was SOOO nervous!
I'm glad that I was there with her too...

Anyways, thank goodness that NOT ALL Malaysians are that sort...
We've applied in... [according to preferences, ahaks!]

1) Tanjung Golden Village! *whoo!*
2) Pizza Hut
3) Sushi King
4) ... The arcade? *lol, we won't go even if we were accepted! I'll have a migrain sitting there for 8 hours...*

The pays are not bad at all! Well, for us fresh graduates of course... hahaa.Well, the procedure in Tebrau City is we've gotta fill in these forms and then wait for their phone call, so yeah.As for Pizza Hut, we'll have to go there on Monday.

We wanted to work in HARRIS, but it's FULL, sighs.
Giordano was gonna pay anyone RM1400 but they're what I've said earlier on, so they said NO.

Kenny Rogers were paying good, but it's FULL too.I guess that we were sorta contented with what we've applied for, so we'll wait and see.It was about 6.30PM when we left.

sue and i
iloveyoumydardardarlinggg!!! *mwarcksmwarcks!* <3

Urrgh, had a bad sleep yesterday nigth due to very bad headache...Hopefully tonight wouldn't be the same.Ah well...The past 2 days have been good.No wait, they're great! :))
They make up for the tears at night, ahaks!

Thank you God...
You're amazing.


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