Saturday, January 06, 2007

Korean BBQ with friends and family... <3

It was great yesterday night.

Despite the fact that it was very hot,
the fans were working but the fans inside were NOT MOVING.
So it was rather funny yet scary looking at the fans moving side to side without the fan spinning inside, weird.

Wheee.... :D

Chloe, BK's daughter....

We had fun anyways.. :))
It was so nice to see all my friends again, didn't hang out for a very long time already...


Well, I just got back from band practice earlier...
Hahaa, dunno why so tired.

Hmm, anyways...
Dad helped me apply for Citibank, hopefully I'll get the job.. :))
Will work hard and get some money in the mean time.

Regarding my future, I've made up my mind to take up nursing.
Yes, nursing.
No, I'm not kidding.


People just CAN'T seem to accept the fact that I'm gonna be a nurse.
They expected me to go into mass com, business...
more into the creative line because of my God-given talents.
"Be a singer, actress, DJ, business woman..."
Anything but a nurse, lol.

I'm gonna try my best to have enough $$$$ to go to Singapore poly...
Well, nurses in S'pore are high on demand and they get well-paid, wee!
Hahaa, it's not entirely about the money lar, I know I CAN be a nurse.
I like helping people, patient and kind. I've personally know I've got what it takes.
Zinvi told me I've got a kind face, at least I won't scare the patients off, lol.

..... I guess being a nurse isn't bad at all, don't you agree? XD
Yeah yeah... I can see all the boys nodding. Get a grip, lol.

Watch your back...

Lame doctors like this boleh... boleh BLAH!
Miang gilerr... *barfs*

I'm glad to hear that nurses in Singapore don't have to wear that ridiculous hat.
They believe that it's not practical.
I couldn't agree more.
Pathetic. Annoying... Urrggh.

Mmm... mutual today.

That's beautiful...

God bless y'all.

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