Friday, January 26, 2007

"Come in for an interview", says HARRIS.. :)

God's really awesome maaannn....!

Well a few weeks ago, I went to Harris still hoping to find a vacancy there..
The gurl sorta liked me so she didn't tell me "no vacancies", I guess, LOL.
She gave me Harris' number and asked me to enquire.
I prayed about it, prayed about my jobs I've applied for..
and God told me this week to call Harris this Friday, which is TODAY :)

So, I called about afternoon..
Intro-ed myself, asked for vacancies.
She then asked me if I could speak Mandrin... [ damn, lol ]
To make an impression, I tried my UBER best k!
Being friendly and fluent as possible... LOL.

Guys, you know VERY WELL that my mandrin sucks to the max!
Like ang-moh, so they say... May not understand what you speak totally even, LOL.
Fine, I'm quite banana-ish lar... psh.
Forget my mandrin, even people have problems saying I speak English with a certain accent.

So we conversed in Mandrin and I answered all the questions as much as I could.
IN THE END, she asked me to come to Harris for an interview! WHOO!
Happie lar...!

So, lemme just tell you what happen, well I just got back.

I went there saying I was asked to come for an interview...
So this girl led me into their office, and asked the boss if I she had any appoinments.
"No", she said. My heart leaped.
So, she asked me to wait.. and she came out looking through the files...
I KNEW IT, like all the other jobs I've applied for, they're gonna gimme that blardy form.
Ask me to fill it up and say they'll call me in one week's time :(

That's not gonna happen today, no sirree!

After filling up the form, the gurl took it, gave it to the boss and said,
"We'll call you in one week's time".
I won't wait any longer, so I said that I was called for an interview.. not to fill this up and wait.
So, she was like the middle person between me and her boss.
After making so many trips between us,
God just told me to stand in front of the boss' office.
As I did, I watched the boss trying to find some documents...

So, after conversing with the girl in mandrin, I switched to English explaining that I was asked to just walk in for an interview.. After the boss heard me speaking in both languages, she just told her employee that it's okay and asked her to leave.
"Come in, come in... please take a seat", as she smiled at me.
My heart rejoiced, YES!

She took my form and asked me loadsa questions, told me their working hours and shifts, asked me about my transportation and when I could start...
"Hmm...", looking at my resume. "I'll put you as a cashier, you can do that?"
"Oh yes, I've done so working for my dad in our restaurant before.."
"Oh, so you do have a relevant working experience... Good, good..",
seeing that I left my history employment empty. Lol.

I didn't wanna push my luck too hard, so I just filled in:
Expected pay: RM800
After talking to me, she looked at my expected pay saying,
"Mmm... okay, okay.. can, can.." and just ticked it in agreement.
Whooo... :D

"Well, I'll call you on Monday to confirm with you.. but we'll most likely employ you, don't worry", as she smiled with assurance.
"Oh thank you! Thank you so much...!"

Hahaa, so practically...
Wee... :)

Oh God, thank You soooo much...
I love You! <3

Guys, never underestimate the power of prayer and keep that strong faith in Him!
Trust Him that things will work out, AND YOU MUST LISTEN TO HIM.
Follow what He tells you to and you'll be fine, even better in fact!
He cares for you, whether big or small matter, he still does.
He cares for you in every detail.

I didn't look for the job this time, I kept failing...
God got me this one :)

* * * * *

ON Monday as well, I'll be going to Undang with Danny Boy! :)
Mr. Kee will come fetch us... hahaa.
This will be fun, wee. Dan's good company.

No more lazing around for me, lol... yay?
Hahaa, I'm just glad I'm earning some money before I go for poly..
Can also help me pay up for my driving-practical lessons.
This is very good.. XD

Alrighty, drop by Harris in Jusco Tebrau City sometime okay??!
And don't keep silent observing me from afar...
Gimme a wave or something ;)

I'll leave you with something SUPERBLY funny!
It's a MUST WATCH!!!!
Damn farniez lar... LOL.
Only in Malaysia... XD

But... so bad lar those two chinese dudes, LOL.
And no, please... I'm not racist.

Courtesy of Ah Boy :) - thank you sweetie!

Owh, God is soooo good! :D

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