Sunday, January 14, 2007

Celebrating Hong's Burfdae...

After band practice at church, Ben, Celine and I went straight to Hong's place.
I never knew that he actually lived a few houses away
from a good friend of mine until today.. XD
Honestly, Hong's lucky I could make it kay...
Usually, I don't have that approval to go out.

Thank you Hong for everything!
The food and hospitality :))
Hahaa, kudos weii...
Poor lad's so friggin' tired.

There like 13 of us youngsters [ooh.. and it was 13th Jan, wee..]
The steamboat was like so filling for me lar, I couldn't eat those pizzas they ordered soon after.
Hmm, everyone just seemed to stick to their own clique.
What to do..

Met people like Renshen, his bro Renhan, Jucia, Xin Yi, Wei Quan and Ant for the first time.
Ben and Jon were there too.

Ant's a nice dude, known him for 4 years on the internet but we just met, haha... funny guy.
Pizzas in style...? Lol.

OMG, Hong owns like a pair of the cutest beings I've ever seen!
Dunno, one of them are called Mojo. Hmm..?
Anyways, uber CUTE lar!
Ant was so scared I'd practically kill one of 'em...

oh how adorable!

so cute!

Well, a party DOESN'T have to be happening.
It's the company that matters... :))

I had fun.
Once again, thanks Hong.


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