Thursday, July 10, 2008


I couldn't stop crying...
I still can't.
I finally brought myself together to tell you what the heck just happened.

I came home.
Wondering where all my dogs were....
And when I came in, mum asked me if I noticed anything different.
"Yeah", I said. "Where are our dogs?"
"They're gone... forever".
"What you mean..?", sarcastically.
"The truck got 'em".

That horrid truck that goes around catching dogs and later shooting them to death.
Yeah, that truck.
My world fell apart.


So, this was the story.

Mum got startled by a group of 5 malay men who stood outside our house.
Rudely demanding, "OYYY, CEPAT BAGI I.C.!!!"
My mum, being so afraid as she was home alone, told them to wait and she quickly called dad.
Before she knew it, she came back to see that they entered our house and took ALL THREE of my dogs - Bread, Peanuts and Sugar! And they drove off.

Helpless mum told dad the news.
He drove around looking for that truck but they couldn't find it...
He went to SPCA to report but the owner told dad that there was nothing he could do now.
They would've been all shot dead by now.

SPCA have been trying to fight this people who go around shooting dogs.
FYI, they get RM50 for MURDERING one dog.
But SPCA's got no hard evidence to go against them.

Our family want to file a police report against this people for the offence of breaking in.
How could they just barge into our homes and STEAL our dogs??
They've gone too far this time.

Those idiots are suchhhh.....


But my poor dogs... are dead.
They took away 3 lives from me.
My beloved dog and her pups are now dead.
They had to die such a cruel death...
When they could've stayed warm in my arms till they became old and gray...


I wasn't there for them cause I was in school.
Neither Benroy or dad too.
I could do NOTHING.

Is God's creation only worth RM50 to you???!
Why did you take them away from me??

I know you guys are Malays and dogs are not "clean" to you.
But it was still GOD who created them!
What made you 'God-enough' to take their lives??

Why weren't you satisfied with the 30 dogs you already had in your truck?
Why weren't you satisfied with only catching the dogs off the streets?
WHY THE HECK did you have to barge into our homes to take 3 dogs away??
Was RM150 so valuable for you to break an entry??
YOU GREEDY &^%$#@!

I cannot imagine them getting shot by those &^%$#@! and die there...
Cold, scared, lonely... away from home... away from me....
I can't stop crying!!!

I was petrified to listen to this story.
I think you are too :(
It was so ridiculous to me... it was so stupid!

Whoever those people are....
I'm sure God will have His way with you.

* * * * * *

So besides our police report later, here's a memorial post for my beloved puppies...
Bread, Peanuts and Sugar.

Ohh gosh, I just can't stop the tears...
Come on Mel, hold yourself together...

This is Bread when we just got her on 11 December 2005.
Cute isn't she? :)
At this time, I just got back from MAD camp 2005.

And so she grew...

Right into our hearts.

She was always so playful whenever she's around us...
Putting smiles on our faces everyday..
She knows how to sit, shake our hands and fetch things for us.
She loves playing ball with us too.

Bread loved sun bathing :)
She EVEN tried many times to sweep the floor by grabbing the broom towards the floor and supported the stick on her back!
So smart, she picked it up from me and dad :)
That's why the broom's always on the floor.

As much as we loved her, she showed her token of appreciation by guarding the house daily.
As fierce as she was, our home was always safe.
And Sue swears Bread hates her.
Nah Sue, it's just that, Bread loves us even more :)

We'd always know if they're something wrong outside the house the minute she barked...
To us, she was our guardian angel around the house.

Hey, look at the Queen of the porch!
She's got a Burger King crown... :)

Hahaa.... Silly Bread. Got herself stuck..
She grew more mature through the couple of years.
And when she was old enough to get stuck with the males...

16 February 2008.
There she is... with another five more :)

The Zoe Puppies.. :) - click on the post to see their birth post.
Zoe means life - Bread just given life to five more.
I was there to witness the beautiful gift of life coming into this world.

Aww, look at Peanuts...
Sleeping peacefully... *hold back tears*

Sugar too... :)
They're so adorable... so beautiful.

Gotcha! :)
Sugar grew up to be a very hyper one!
Sugar-high indeed.

The Zoe siblings... much bigger now... very attached.
Whenever Bread runs around, the other 5 would be tailing behind her in a row!
That was so cute! :D

Peanuts grew up to be a very sweet and obedient dog.
Always looking at us with those adorable puppy eyes.
I can never forget.

I can never forget the time I got locked outside the house cause I didn't have the key.
So while waiting for mum, Peanuts came and accompanied me outside all the way.
She was a girl's best friend in need.

I'll miss you dearly Peanuts.
She was indeed the cutest one among the lot.
She was the most obedient one too :(

I'm so glad they don't know what happened to their other 2 siblings.
At least the other three - Oreo, Milo and Cookie have a cozy home to live in.
I'm so glad the brothers didn't follow their sisters, and their mum... :(

There's my Sugar :)
Goodbye... You'll always be right here in my heart...
I'll really miss you.... *tear*

Bread... you've given me so much joy and laughter...
You've always protected us... I love you so much... :(
I'm so glad your sons don't know you're gone forever... sniff.

Bread :(
Don't say goodbye please...
I'm not ready to see you go...
I want to see you in my porch...
I want to hold you in my arms again....
I want to hear you outside my porch...
You didn't even get to finish your food and water....

Please come back... :(

Please come back...
Sorry guys, I'm so heartbroken right now... I'm out.


Linda said...

mel..dun sad.. i understand ur feeling..... i crying nw also....but i hv to tell u... sometime those ppl catch the dog..bcos...they wana snatch tat be carefull.... hw ppl can treat a leaving thing like tis??? feed tiger?y ur mum din lock the gate??????

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

that was the time my little brother would come back from school.
it's normal liao... :(

no one expected those idiots to come barging in...

sob sob.

Malaria Max said...

I would drop every fucking thing I'm doing in this world and declare all out war on those responsible. I would go to the press, I would blog, I'd make my story known, I'd shame the murderers.... if I were you.

It won't bring them back but at least it might prevent such cases from happening again.

Sad it had to end this way for you. Be strong.

ezersinkhairen said...
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ezra said...

The cow?!

I have three dogs too, if they tried anything like that at my house I'd guarantee them a place at the General Hospital.

Mel where do you live? Maybe I could warn my friends in that area also.

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

thanks alven and ezra...
really appreciate it.

TL said...

gal..i m sad to hear that..reali speechless reading's sad we living in a mad world but what to do? Hope u recover strong. God loves you alrite..


☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

thanks... really.


you complete me :)