Monday, July 14, 2008

Installation of Rotarian Jason Tan Boon Yew

Congratulations Uncle Jason!
This would be my first very grand formal function.

I loved this band - very talented.
I liked the keyboardist and the violinist.
Maybe the keyboardist more, lol.

Us interactors.
We came for F.O.C while the other
Rotary members and guests had to pay RM90.

We really had fun at the Interactors table.
Everyone else looked pretty robotic.
Until we heard people laughing-snorting at the rotaracters' table.
I managed to catch some rotarians glaring at them in disgust.
That was so funny, haahaaa.

This function I find, was very chinese.
Hahaa, first dish was already the "shark's fin soup".
And the table in front, Tunku Mahkota Johor was seated there.
Yeap, his royal highness was there.

The one in white was kinda sad lar.
The dude fell head first at the beginning and didn't get to do a lot of stunts later on.
The white lion fell about 3 times.
But hey, they persisted on lar, kudos.

The bullies.
Urrm, I mean... gentlemen :P

It was hysterical during the speeches.
"Make dreams real" was the motto.
Jason was delivering his speech with some diction errors.
Hence, he proudly and clearly said, "Make dreams weird".
Twice, LOL.

And he also said, "the crappy patients...".
I'm sure he didn't mean that, lol.

Sean was.... gay that night, hehe.
Kena kao-kao from everyone at the table.
Sharlinn was enjoying herself, lol.

It's alright Sean.
You contributed to the night.

Sue, Sharlinn, Mel and Linda.
I laughed a lot that night. Sheesh.

Us interactors and the new Rotary President.
The 57th one.


Linda said...

ask sean dun pretend anymore..everybody knew ad..hahaahhahha.....

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...


Jason's Son said...

Laughing at my dad huh? Didn't think he had kids who surfed the web and decided to see if he could find his dad on the interenet huh? Careful of what you say never know if the walls (in this case - internet explorer) have ears.

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

dear jason's son,

i do respect your dad, and i'm just stating what we all heard clearly. i also stated in my post that i'm sure your dad didn't mean any of those. so please, do not take heart of what others have to say. i've known uncle jason since i was 12, so please, don't take heart. have a nice day.

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