Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Zoe Puppies :)

How beautiful the gift of life is :)

Look how fragile they are when they just came into this world.

Oreo and Milo are males while Sugar, Cookie and Peanuts are females.

Now all snuggled up together comfortably... awww :)

The reason why Oreo got his name was because of that color combination of black brown and white with an "O" in the middle of his white helmet-like line on his head.
Milo on the other hand with a color combination of brown and white has a "M" shaped on his forehead too.
Now how cute can the brothers get, huh? (:

As for the sisters, Sugar gets her name for her white fur, Peanuts for the obvious and Cookie for its brown color with a thin line of white around it's neck and totally white from the neck to its belly underneath.

Well, Benroy and I came up with the names.

Awww... :)
They're so adorable!

* * * * * *

So let me update on what else had been happening.

I'm totally into Chris Brown's With You, as you can see.
Gave him an entry cause he mentioned me!
Nah alright, alright... the song's really sweet and nice, and I love it! :D

I was chosen by the school to represent SDJ in javelin, shot put and maybe discus throw.
They've been training us like mad... everyday, 3PM-6PM.
Run around the field dunno how many times, bumping, sit ups, star jumps and whatever-nots.
My skin is reddish-tan as a result from the cancerous scorching sun with ultra-violet rays.

This is going to continue for the entire an entire week next week or more.
Competition against the other JB schools are happening 4-9 March I think.
And my hand's already aching and sprained.

I also participated in the school's public speaking yesterday and made new friends.
Hahaa, more 15 year-old pals! :D
We're fellow interactors and we're getting along pretty well.
We already had the election of our B.O.D, finally, and I'm the I.U. Director.

We even played football...
Well, just for a short while before I went back to training.
It was a pretty awkward scence for some boys who watched us play.
Being the only girl in the group, it was something new I suppose.

Being in PERTINA as well, we're all busy planning for Teacher's Day.
I'm in charge for Entertainment and PA, and also planning for the Bowling competition cause I'm the president in charge of the event.

The homework and assignments are really large in portions too, not helping one bit.
And the TESTS are in two weeks time!

HUGE sighs.
Gaaah, the hectic-ness!
Mel is stressed, agonized, tired, and... dark.



you complete me :)