Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mel's Date.

"It takes a real man to become a maid of honour".

This was kinda long ago, but I'll blog about it now
since I just received the pictures. Haha.

So, I rushed all the way from school in such haste so that I wouldn't make Hin Loong wait again. IN the end of the day, he ended up coming pretty early (I think, lol) and he was already waiting outside my house.

I didn't even get to put on some touch-ups!

Anyways, we headed to Jusco Tebrau City to catch "Get Smart".
Heard that it was some great comedic-action-pack.
But then the movie had horrid neck-breaking seats and the next show was on pretty late.
So, we resorted to this movie, "Made of Honour".

Giving no spoilers, all I can say is that I seriously enjoyed this movie, really!
It REALLY took me flying through romance and it was fabulous!
It was really, really, REALLY good... :)

If you've ever read a romance novel and closed that book with a very satisfied "awwww", this movie totally brought it to the screens!

Especially when Patrick Dempsey's the main actor and the main actress, Michelle Monaghan rock the screens together. It is simply beautiful and they're perfect to play the roles.
Go catch it!

And of course, Hin Loong was a great date, as always :)
Thanks for the dinner and movie darl, I really had fun!
I needed this break, hahaa.

He presented me this gift he bought in KL!
Supposedly he intented to buy me a bottle of perfume.
But due to some "misunderstandings" [LOL],
he came back to JB to find a bottle of perfumed-shampoo... xD
No thanks to the assistant who got it for him.
Awww :)

Honestly, I had no problem with that!
It's still a great gift, thanks again Hin Loong :D

So, that was my date :)

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