Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Starz LG.

I would never imagine myself doing this again.
This soon -.-"

It was pretty packed.

The "upstairs" audience.

The budak poyo.

Singing Jordin Sparks' "Tattoo".
The song I never fancied.

Why that song you're asking?
Mainly this was the songlist.

English Songs for Females:
Hero - Mariah Carey
Because Of You - Kelly Clarkson
When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne
Tattoo - Jordin Sparks
Irreplaceable - Beyonce Knowles
No One - Alicia Keys

Okay great, there are A LOT of other choices I could've made yes?
I actually wanted to sing Mariah Carey's "Hero" or Kelly Clarkson's "Because Of You".
I just found out that they will not change the minus one's tone for anyone.
It'll be in the original key.

Okay fine.
Change of plans.
I listened to all the songs and my closest bet was "Tattoo".
Yeah, the song that I never fancied and always critiqued on radio.

I just learned and memorized "Tattoo" in two hours before the competition.
Sucks right?

So, there I was.
Barely prepared.

As I was singing, just before I could finish the first chorus...
The judges stopped me.
Omg lar. My heart stopped too. But I continued smiling.
Suddenly, they just showed me the GREEN CARD.
Which means, I passed the audition! :D


And so, they gave me their "golden ticket" except that it wasn't gold.
Did some interview and bla-bla.
I dunno when they'll air it on TV3 though.

Asking me questions and stuff.

Yada yada yada....
Whatever Mel.

Oh, they mean congratulations?
Hmm, to be honest.
This wasn't as hard as Malaysian Idol.

The producer asked all the contestants who passed the audition to come back again at 4PM for a second round. This time they'll record your performance [full song] and decide later on after they've auditioned the whole nation. JB's the first stop, Penang's next, then Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and so on. They'll call us regarding our results about one month later.

Only 2 chinese girls made it among the other 16 malays.
Man, I was so tired.
I rushed back to Jusco after EC's IU at about 3.30PM.

Among all the contestants there.
I felt so, so, so, so superly overdressed!
Yes, too formal for my own good -.-".

The second round.
It was "Tattoo" again.
But this time, singing the whole song.

And disaster happened.
I didn't get to hit the highest note! :(

The judges this time were the producers of Warner Music, Malaysia.
Earlier, it was the senior producers of TV3 that worked with all the local artists.

WHY must I screw up now?
Of all times, now?
At the high note, I forced my voice to come out like it always did but this time, it DIDN'T! I was so upset, lol. Macam, malu lar... paham? Big sighs.

The big guy in red was like...
"Macam suara awak tak boleh keluar ye..? Takpe takpe, tapi ada banyak ruang untuk meningkatkan lagi potensi anda..."

SNIFF, is he trying to say that I can learn and grow more from the competition, or is he just saying I'm not ready yet, lol?

"Dan awak sangat berani ye untuk menyertai pertandingan ini, sebagai seorang bangsa cina... Saya boleh tengok awak telah berusaha dengan banyak sekali untuk menyanyikan lagu ini ya..."

LOL, worked very hard for the song?
More like, NOT REALLY cause I just learnt it in two hours!
And he made me sound like I worked my ass off for this song, only to sound like a disaster.
Gosh, I feel like I'm such a lousy singer! :(

However, while I was singing... I saw that their main camera ran out of tape.... LOL.
I hope they didn't get to record my bridge, waahahaa.
Tough luck, huh Mel?
Always having shadowed hope -.-".

Dad taking candid shots.
This lady is the senior producer of TV3.

Big sighs.
I dunno what to say man.
See lar if they bother to call me back or not.

If I continue to KL, then...
My STPM gone already lar, lol.

Everything happens for a reason.
We'll see.


ezra said...

Yeah, you go Mel! =D

Let me just say that I've never heard you sing before, but judging by that competition you must've been awesome! Hope to be able to hear you sing sometime. God Bless! =)

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

awww :)
it's nothing much really ezra...

but hey, thanks :)


you complete me :)