Thursday, July 03, 2008

Trip to the Dentist

Well, I'm always asked to pay a visit to Abdul Samad's Pejabat Kesihatan
after every 6 weeks.
And so, I went this past Tuesday.
After recess.

But before I go on about the dental appointment, let me share with my readers about this chocolate you'd want to try.
Chocolate you say?
Yes, REAL cocoa chocolate.

As sinful as it sounds, it's about the 99% cocoa thing that gets you wondering.
I tasted it.
In a pretty bite-full actually.
Yummy, eh?

Excellence my diarrhea!
You know what, to save you the trouble from trying, I'll spare you some details.

This entire story is pretty much credited to Shaun Yau who bought it for Su Peng. Well, he said that he only bought it cause she said she loved 100% chocolate. Dark chocolate.
So, even he doesn't know what it tastes like.

Su Peng was KIND ENOUGH to distract me while I was innocently studying.

See how diligent Mel is??



"Mel, you want some chocolate?"

"Oooh, chocolate? Looks nice. What kind of chocolate?"

"Hmmm, dark chocolate"

"... Is it nice..?"

"I dunno, you try lor..."

*come to think that I've never tasted dark chocolate before*
" Okay :) "

Not too long after munching and sucking on the chocolate in my mouth...

It was soooooo bitter man!
Some of my classmates say that perhaps shit taste better than this, LOL.
It sucked so bad, the taste was horrid!
And the worst part was, you can still taste it in your mouth even after a long time :/
It was damn bitter, thick and it sticks on your tongue.... what a nightmare!

We tried to teach our teacher who loves to eat sweet things a lesson.
Cause we want her to stop affecting her health which was worsening.
LOL, we offered her the chocolate.
She was going crazy and mad.... xD

I also made Shaun taste what he bought.
LOL, he was on the verge of constant barfing, lol.

People, I won't say so much lar.
Go try it.
I personally think this is perfect for games, LOL.

Back to the orthodontics.

I was there waiting a long queue, when I happened to be seated next to this guy who was busy editing a movie on his laptop. I couldn't help but look cause he made movie editing look so easy and pro :D

Then, we started a conversation and got to know that we've got friend connections here and there. So happen that he was about to leave for KL for his studies in Taylor's College.
Everything happens for a reason :)

This is Kai Sheng :)
It was my pleasure to meet you!

And so.

Like I said in my entry last time, I was asked by Dr. Akmar to put on a headgear.
But apparently, she was too busy so she said next 6 weeks.
I was really happy cause she attended to me all the way without having any trainee doctors touching my enamels this time :D
I didn't get hurt at all!


My braces had some sharp edges which needed to be made blunt.
So, she handed me to the trainees.

*wails in sorrow*

This woman took some metal that spins like mad, meant to "hiris" iron okay.
IDIOTICALLY, she drill into my upper gums on both sides.
I was bleeding for 3 days and it hurt okay :(
Damn trainee.

I guess I spoke too soon :(
Big sighs.

So I went out to look at my braces.
I was surprised to see my bracket's bands are now dark purple.
What the??
I didn't even get to choose any colour this round :(
Dr. Akmar just put for me as she wished.

Anyways, it's CONFIRMED that I'll be wearing a headgear after 6 weeks.
Check out what it looks like :)



The fastener to connect the facebow to the headstrap.

So empty, I'm the last to leave.
And I had to go back to school for my librarian duties.
What a bummer.

Hmmm, Mel will be like Willa Wonka soon.
It'll be fun to scare the people on the bus.
LOL.... xD

* * * * * *

BB and I hanging in church.

Images as Mel walks home after school...

Goodnight! :)

I purposely published the RAT DISSECTION EXPERIMENT 2 posts below. This was done for the faint-hearted. For those who think you can handle it and you'd like to see, go ahead and scroll down.

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