Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's Up, Mel?

Let me ask YOU a question.
Don't worry, it's pretty simple really.

"Does these bunch of brinjals look red in colour to you?"

Look carefully.

Oh, no you said?
You're making a face now?
Ohh, you said they're purple?
Well, that's what I said too...

But TESCO's label proved us wrong.
Check this out.

Or rather they're colour blind.
Can't they tell it's not freaking red???

* * * * * *

Hullo you :)
Thanks for being such a faithful reader of this blog!
I could tell by the number of hits per day, lol.

*ceh bangga-nye*

And ohh, have I ever mentioned that I'd feel a lil' nervous being in a public bus, alone?

S&S buses are not really popular with the people here.
They'd purposely wait for MAJU or Translink-The Smiling Bus to come about.
Maybe it's because of their dirty and smelly conditions.
And ermm, with white substances here and there.
Well, there have been cases where girls get sexually harassed on public transports.

I felt nervous this round cause I was in the bus alone for about half of my journey. I was wondering why the driver wasn't stopping at any stops where people DID hail him down. I got a lil' more tensed when this fierce-looking indian driver kept staring at me through his mirror.

Whatcha looking at punk?!

But when I was almost reaching home, some people got on the bus, FINALLY, cause he decided to stop. Felt some sort of relief if you asked me, lol. Ahh well.

* * * * * *

I'll be attending EC's International Understanding Day this Sunday cause I've got a FREE TICKET! Mwahaahaaaa. But I'm not too sure if I can make it to SSI's this Saturday cause I've got something on too.

Hopefully I can make it.
SSI-ians should forgive me k.
*fingers crossed*

And it's my school's Hari Koko tomorrow!
Our Interact Club's handling a food stall selling cocktails and other delicacies.
And yes, a "Rumah Hantu" as well.
LOL, yes, my hair and a white cloth would do the trick!
But I already lost my darcula fangs thanks to my braces, hehe.
And it's also because we've got a massive supply of "hantus" in the club.


I really hesitated but I was yet forced again to perform.
Yeah, singing while playing the guitar.
It's really a hassle to bring it up and down if you ask me.
Especially when I live soooo far away from school.
And I HAVE TO take the public transport home... -.-"

MY PRE-U STPM TRIALS are on 8/9 September!
Honestly, I am sooooo not prepared :(

Big sighs.

Anyways, I shall take my leave now.
Leaving you guys with pictures that I recently took before I got serious in losing those fats.

Alfred and I at City Harvest Church, KL.
Awesome service by the way, Pastor Melvin rocks!

A bunch of us eating some "harmful fast food" [this applies to Mel only]
after dancing sessions. Bob, Benjamin, Bryan, Benroy and me.
LOL, all the "B" boys... I mean literally xD
But notice their names too, lol.

That's right Bryan, you get him!
Tell Colonel to stop invading my dreams no more!!!


And so, we bid you adieu.


ezra said...

Hmm, brinjals O_o

Anyway, buses have never been my favourite mode of transport although I use them pretty much everyday. >_<

Oh, and all the best for your trials. =)

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...


thanks ezra! :)



you complete me :)