Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mel's losing weight..?

She's proud to say that she lost 7kg in the past 2 weeks +
Mel's on a very, very, VERY strict diet.
Plus, some workout ;)

Cause she was never slim before in her entire life and has very low metabolism. She has very high water retention which means she's filled with water that combined with her fat cells which makes her very puffy :/
No wonder she could still be so active in sports and be the school's athlete.

She was freaking 8pounds the minute she came into this world for crying out loud!


I was enduring the times where I watched my family indulge Burger King, friends munching on Mickey D's, ex-colleagues asking me out for KFC, soft drinks offers by schoolmates and other various temptations. Not just avoiding those fast food products, anything that is oily, fried, fat and sugary is out of my list.

I just forced myself to say "no".
And ate healthy and balanced small portions every single day regularly.
With lotsa H2O.
Hunger strike's not a solution for me.

She's never been happier! :)
And she's gonna keep pushing on.

BUT she just gave in to temptations of durians -.-"
She's far too weak when it comes to those creamy little things.
Especially when it's currently the Durian Season!
But thank goodness they were in a controlled portion this time.

I can do this.
Come on.


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