Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Chapter Closure.

Trying to pull myself together from this petrifying incident.
For those who don't know, read this post.

The food that you never got to finish....
We even got you a new big pack just before you left...

The brooms that were standing straight against the wall
that weren't lying flat on the floor anymore.
You couldn't try sweeping again for the last time.
That funny skill that you picked up from me :)

The gates that were now open to nothingness.
Cause you're not there to greet us anymore.

The bloody gate that happened to be insecured when the murderers came.
Timing couldn't be perfect enough for that unfortunate crime.

Gates that were no longer secured by you.
Corridor's that you no longer slept at.

Your wall of fame where you left your paws on.
While you tried to catch those lizards, but you did anyways.
We had a headache everytime you messed up the flower pots.
But we were glad that we still had you around.

The rose pot that you always ran around in circles.
Even a dragonfly rests there without moving till now.

The incomplete and empty porch we now have...
Everything happened all too fast.
You left me so soon.
When I wasn't ready.
I wasn't ready for goodbyes yet.

Dear readers,

It is clear and very obvious to my family that it was the malay neighbours that surrounded my entire house who requested that our dogs were taken away by the truck.
How cruel could they get by killing our pets.

It's like asking people to assassinate on your behalf.
You're still THE murderer.
Shame on you.

The SPCA actually asked dad to make a police report and make a big press conference but dad decided against it as the dogs were already dead and it would not serve any purpose for us except make it more difficult to get over.. Apparently, we were not the only people whom they broke into their homes to snatch their dogs and later killing them.

Many have tried to report this very same case to the police but without solid proof, other various accusations would be diverted back to us instead
[e.g: your dog attacked people, you never controlled it]
and WE end up receiving a summon, with our dogs already dead.

Where's the justice?
You tell me.
We're living in an unfair world.

Dad reasoned with me that such a complaint right now would be useless and we'd end up with an unreasonable fine. Our dogs are already gone forever anyways.

Let it be.

Sighs, as much as I'd like to hunt these "worse-than-animals" down, I know that I can't do much now but tell the world about this.

So guys, please be cautious.
Don't let them take your beloved pets away... they've already taken mine.

So, this is where I'd close this chapter...
I need to do this for myself, I need to move on.
My beloved pups, I've always loved all of you so very much.
You didn't even get to say your goodbyes.
Cause you never intended to :(

Dearest Bread, Peanuts and Sugar.
Please rest in peace.
God will take care of those people.

You'll be dearly missed :(
Very, very much indeed.

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