Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Adios JB... KL, here I come :D

Hahaaa.... not yet.

I'm going to leave, soon.
I hope.


Can't you tell I'm delirious??!

Yes, yes...
It's the Chinese New Year holidays.

And I'm going back to my hometown once more!
The place I was born and bred, till I became like, this.

Yesterday, I was held back in school for some PERTINA meeting.
Brad, Sue and Anan was supposed to gather at my house for a movie or two.
Crapping, laughing our guts out, couch potato-ing and catching up was definitely on the agenda.

Anan however, rather take off earlier before I could even see him...
Just to watch a tamil movie.


Anan... you call yourself a bestie?!
Dahlah tak tunjuk muka lagi bila balik dari KL, tak sangka kau sanggup melakukan perkara yang menyedihkan sekali.... you chose that show over me?
Fiiinnnneee, I shall no longer regard you my BFF no more!

Hmmmpph...... :P

But TRUE friendship still broke through in the end of the day when Suey Pooey and Brado came over. We did some catching together before Brad had to take off later.
Sue only went home at 11PM++.

Hey Dan! :D
Brad's teaching us about, well something about.... LOL.
Ahh well, Sue and I gained a lot of unnecessary knowledge, HAHA.
They'll tell you about it ;)

[ can you tell how comfy my arm is? ]

And it was also my first time driving SUE around! :D
Hahaa, didn't thought that day would come so fast, heehee.
We're safe and sound don't worry.
The only thing Sue was traumatized about was....

Hey! Who goes there??

It's Bread the Bitch! :D

"I'll get you Sue... I'll get you...."
*evil doggy laugh*

Sue swears its evil.
And all out to get her.

I love you Sue :)
*rolls eyes at Anan*
Wish you were with us Dan.

Poor thing Dan's only returning from Perak tonight and I'm leaving for KL, tonight!

School has been pretty discouraging for me...
Thanks to my MUET teacher who really did it larr.
She is totally capable or ruining my ENTIRE day, I should applaud her.
Big sighs.

[insert rants and ravings - just in case she'd come to know about this blog]


Honestly, if she REALLY want her students to perform well, she should really know how far she can criticize, stab and stab and stab... and stab and grind and crush her students into smithereens!
The shouting and yelling I can take.... but she had definitely crossed my friendly border lar.

YET, I didn't retaliate, sighs.
Mel respects her elders and has high moral values inculcated within her.
Which flies a big "BOO!" flag upon her teacher who likes the word "Whatever".

Whatever indeed.


It'll be back to school for us nationwide next Tuesday.
So, I'll make the best of my holidays while I still can :)
The teachers in school didn't help by giving us a lot of assignments and homework though, sniff.

I'm going to see my sister, Celine!
Waaaaahhh, it's been ages :D
I bet she can't wait for our arrival.
She's probably bored to death over there without me, hehe ;)

Alright, so watch out for my updates in KL, if I can.
If not, most probably when I return. Or not.


gong! he fat vegetable...?

Darling, you make my day....
you always do :)

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