Sunday, May 04, 2008

Saturday Math Tuitions...

Each are unique with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Brooke's out :(
Well, it was about time, but she sings what she sings best.
And it is just phenomenal to the ears.

OH, I love this year's American Idol!
Where the guys are better than the girls in a majority.
I love the 2 Davids over there :)
They're just terrer-fic and go deep into my soul.
And my personal favourite tracks are on my playlist!
Go check them out, all of them are studio recordings except for Archuleta's "Imagine".
Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!

And yes, I believe I've already introduced Emrul Haikal Alias on my blog :)
He's my bestie who sits next to me in class.
And yes, the famously self-proclaimed bimbo-ish bitch.
And no, he's not gay - very straight in fact, hahaa.

We'd meet every Saturday before we go for our Maths tuition at Jalan Chantek.
Hahaa, cantik ya? :D

Having ice-kacang at Sedap Corner.
And well, being retarded as usual.
The waiters there think we're a couple or something, LOL.

Haikal asked for a pose from me that he'll never forget after STPM.
And there, he's got it! :D
Haikal : You're right, I'll never forget that, LOL.

"This girl is.. She's stuck on my ella, e-ella-vator!"

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