Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day.

Singing the song that I composed in 10 minutes for the
Lagu & Puisi Competition that got us the 3rd place in MSSD, hahaa.
AND I didn't forget my lyrics this time! LOL.
I managed to hit every high note :)

The attendance is really not bad at all.
Compared to my previous school, LOL.

Hey, helium balloons :D

"Guru Cemerlang, Negara Terbilang".
They wanted to take a picture with me, hehe.
They're nice boys.

I brought two instruments to school.
My guitar and my keyboard.
The people in charge placed my performances as the beginning and the end.
But guess what?

What a joke!

The emcee was supposed to keep the audiences engaged and lead them into the next segment.
Not tell them, "Jadi berakhirlah program kita pada hari ini...".
So everyone got up, teachers and students alike.

But the girl in charge pleaded with the Principal for 5 more minutes.
But since it was already 5 minutes from 12pm, they had to eat fast, so he said no cause the malays had to pray. So, it was cancelled.

I dunno whether I was to be happy or sad.

Happy in the sense I didn't need to be nervous already.
Sad in the sense that I brought this heavy keyboard for nothing whilst weighing me down in my heels, which became pretty difficult after some time. My feet hurt :(

* * * * * *
AND I'd like to wish my dearest Hin Loong a very Happy Birthday!
He's twenty-four :)
Love you!

Haha, he's born today but he didn't turn out to be a teacher.
He's an insurance guy, hehe.

Alright, I've gotta get ready for cell group now.
Ciao! :)

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