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Pertandingan Puisi & Lagu MSSD.

Well, this happened last Wednesday this week.

I was called by Puan Hezrin when I was at home on Monday, pleading with me to join this competition. It was also because I could save the school's face ESPECIALLY when WE are the school hosting the event.

Alright fine, simply participating is easy.
What must I do then?
How does this competition work?

We're supposed to write a puisi of our own, it's gotta be original.
And THEN, out of that puisi, compose a song.
In Malay literature.

If I were told earlier, I wouldn't mind... so much.
But when I met with Syafiq who was chosen to recite the poem, I only got to compose the entire song in friggin 10 MINUTES and had to memorize the whole thing that lasted for 8 MINUTES.
Can't you guess how long it is?? LOL.
We left school at 7PM on Tuesday just to get things finalized.

* * * * *

Wednesday morning, competition starts at 8AM.
SEVEN schools were competing.
Suddenly it turned out that 2 schools backed out, so there were 5 left.
While drawing lots, guess what we got.
SECOND to perform, ain't that great? :/

So, I sat there with my sister's blue Kapok guitar.
Yes, why Kapok huh? My fingers were hurting the crap outta me!
Cause no matter what, Kapok or useless brands, I had to make music that sounded beautiful.
I had no other guitar, Benson took my guitar to NS :(
And I didn't even have the guitar bag with me.

Since Tuesday - I had to walk to bus stop, carry it on the public bus and then walk home carrying my guitar, school bag and plastic bag of files with my two bare hands.
Damn tiring? YES :(
NOW, do you know why I'm so short?? ROFL.

So, as I was saying.
I sat there with my sister's blue Kapok guitar.
And as I watched various schools that entered my school hall bringing all kinds of fancy instruments - chimes, famous branded guitars, tablas, percussions, tambourines, and even a big-assed indian sitar!

I stared at my blue Kapok guitar, terrified, it was the only instrument I had, and somehow...
I felt small, despite my size.
I was having an unwanted sore throat, it always came at important events such as this.
What a bummer :/

So, it wasn't too long before the first school was done.
It was our turn. Dang.
I got up there, set myself and my guitar ready accompanied with microphones with stands.
I plucked the guitar strings as Syafiq recited his poem.

And then it was about time my que came in to sing....
"Tanah Melayu pusaka ibunda... Kegem-uhh...." - murmurs a lil softly.

*in Mel's head : OH $#!T! What's the lyric, what's the lyric...??!*

So, I tried again.... trying to redeem myself.
"Tanah Melayu pusaka ibunda... Kegemm---murmuring mengukir lagenda..." and I managed to sing it till the first verse is over.

That sucked.

So, Syafiq recited his second paragraph.
And it was my que again to sing that very same verse.
"Tanah Melayu pusaka ibunda... Kegem-uhh...." - murmurs a lil softly.


I even saw Haikal smacking his forehead in the audience.
So discouraging man.

This time I sang that first line only and left it as it is and urged Syafiq to continue his last long paragraph.
While he was doing so, I was panicking for the NEXT NEW long paragraph of song that I composed just yesterday, trying to remember every detail.
Before I knew it, it was my turn.


But this time I decided to FULLY redeem myself on the first verse and I wanted to redo it again to prove to the judges that it was kinda planned. Trying to cover up. Lol.

"Tanah Melayu pusaka ibunda
Kegemilangan Melaka mengukir lagenda
Peradapannya melangit menggoncang cakerawala

Ketamadunan insan merintis integrasi"

Yes, I redeemed myself on such a short paragraph that consisted 4 lines.
And I could still forget my lyrics :/

NOW for the hard part.
It consisted about 20 lines of Malay literature.

To my surprise, I sang everything smoothly and I remembered EVERY single lyric!
AND AND I hit every high note that I composed, it was so blardy awesome! :D
I thought about it again, I could memorize such a friggin' long paragraph and I couldn't even memorize such a short paragraph.
I'm so weird, LOL.
I actually amused myself... xD

So, I came down... feeling embarassed yet a lil satisfied that I hit the high notes despite my sore throat. I sat down and hugged my blue kapok guitar, the only thing I had :(
I sighed to myself, it was done. Now, I only had to wait for the results.

Then it was time for the judges to give their comments before announcing the results.
They said, "Ada persembahan yang sangat mantap! Tetapi ada partner dia yang tidak menyanyi secara bersesuaian, tetapi nak juga masuk keluar macam itu... tak sepatutnya berlaku begitu ye."

LOL, I knew she was talking about us.
Syafiq didn't exactly sang in tune, and he was coming in and out of the song as he pleased. I didn't have another mouth to tell him to stop mar, so nothing could've been done, hahaa.

Waited for the results.

Janice and Shaun was in charge of taking pictures for Photography Club but didn't want to miss class, so I accepted their request to help them instead.
I was so confident that we weren't gonna win after I watched the other schools perform.
So I went up the stage to take pictures of the winners, the Top Three.

"And the 2nd-runner up for Pertandingan Lagu & Puisi is.... "


Imagine how dumb I looked holding the camera dumbfounded, lol.
I looked at the judges as they smiled back at me applauding.
I couldn't help but felt their warmth and composed myself together.
A kind student from another school offered to take pictures for me instead, lol.
Syafiq and I shook hands with our pricipal and received our 3rd place trophy from PPD.
Receiving the audience's cheer.

1st-runner up went to SMK Seri Perling.
And the obvious Champion was Sekolah Seni.
They were the ones who brought the tablas, chimes, tambourine and 2 guitars.
I was surprised that SIGS didn't win, they brought the indian sitar.

Then I approached the judges to get their personal comments.
Actually we won 3rd mainly because of the song.
Syafiq's poem recital was not as good as it should've been.
But they commented that my suara sangat mantap.
And and they loved the way I composed the song!
They said the melody and arrangement was beautiful! :D

Before the competition I was praying.
And I told God...
"Lord, I would like to win based on my efforts and the way I composed that song..."

And then I thought of my upcoming exams.
If I won, advanced to State level, that would mean that I CANNOT study already man.
Smiling to myself, I continued...
"... but of course Lord, let Your will be done, and not mine. In Jesus' name, Amen".

I won, but I don't have to go to State level, lol.

Hahaa, and Kelvin Pang from SMK Seri Perling asked me this question,
"Hey, are you a Christian..?"
"Yes I am! Why..?"
"Hahaa, cause the way you composed the song and the way you sang it, I could tell".

Mel was happy.

* * * * * *

It's Danarold Swazechbaba :D

It's Dan the Man!
All the way from Berak, I mean Perak!

We hung till it was almost 9PM, lol.
Chillin' under the stars :)

Sue, Brad, Dan and I met up in CS.
I rushed after school, lol.
That was some reunion after such a long time being apart.

* * * * * *

So, people.
Just letting you guys know that it's gonna be exams for me starting next week!


Speaking - 6 May
Writing, Reading and Listening - 10 May

9 May - 23 May

So, Mel may be on hiatus from now on.
Maybe, just maybe.

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