Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Mum :)

A special tribute only for mummy dearest on a very special day... :)

Because of my mother, all of us were born.
Imagine the pain she went through to deliver us through cesarean, FOUR times.
It was critical, but she knew she wanted to bring us to this world.
She wanted us.

And there she was, raising us up...
Through toil and hardship, she endured nevertheless.
Ahem, we're not exactly a very obedient bunch to handle.

But she took good care of us since we were infants till we're so... big.
I remember the days when we always have to squeeze into our humble Kancil.
We couldn't afford a big car.

Don't forget, eventhough we hate to admit it sometimes...
A mother knows best... most of the time ;)

Eventhough we've had our different views and opinions, quarrels maybe, but mummy loves me no matter what.

Where would we be if it weren't for our mother? :)
Mum taught us right from wrong, what we should or shouldn't do.
And it pleases us too when other people praise us for being well brought up.
All thanks to mum and dad :)

She doesn't know how to handle us sometimes.
Sometimes, we just wouldn't listen eventhough she keeps telling us for the 10th time, lol.

Get what I mean?

She makes sure that we stay united regardless.
Handling four kids at one go, I salute her :)

She brings a lot of joy even with that smile :)

Which is why we want to make her happy whenever we can.

But there are times when we fail to do so.
We make mummy upset though we never meant to :(

She loves us all the same - equally.
No favourites.

She is beautiful - inside and outside! :)

Imagine having to handle 4 kids and still another too, her husband.
Well, someone we call Dad :)

Hmmm, sometimes... mum gets very blurr and tends to embarass herself.
Unintentionally, but it never failed to make us siblings laugh.
Ooops, lol.

I'm sure daddy agrees that he's very blessed indeed to have mum as his beloved wife.

And there you have it, the Yaps.
Yeap, six of us :)

We could annoy the hairs out of my mother's head but she still loves us all the same.

She really loves it when we eat together as a family.

And she likes being childish with dad sometimes.
Or... most of the time? :x
Siblings, what say you? LOL.

Yes, she's a very loving mother and husband :D

See? :D

And mum's really sporting too!
She encourages most of the things we do, if she thinks it's not bad.
Urmmm, I think mum's better than dad with the beats.

Awww, urrmm... she's quite a poseur too.

What I got for mum last year!
Real roses :)

Mum's picking up from her daughters on how to be stylish.
Ohh yeah, she loves shiny things.
HA HA.. xD

She's always there to support us to show her love and care.
She'd assist us if she can.

Mum's a great leader - the woman of the house.
Like what sis said, she's our SuperMum! :)

"Darling, please don't forget to buy the kids this-that-this..."
Dad should be jealous cause she loves and care for us A LOT.

And yes, pretty things attracts mum's attention.. xD
Mum, we couldn't thank God enough for placing you here as our mother.
OMG, now you know where we inherited the love for photography??

Mum, we love you :)
Very, very, very, VERY much.

You lead by example for your children to see.
Once again I am proud; Happy Mother's Day from me!

You deserve this special day for the job that you have done
And you are clearly number one!
In these fast paced times where there are so many distractions,
You have been the perfect mom throughout your ways and your actions.
When it comes to being a mom, you exhibit all of the traits
Your performance from the start has been more than just great!
You lead by example for your children to see!
Once again I am proud; Happy Mother's Day from me

We know the world is tough but by your morals you have stood
You have done your very best to teach us what is good.
Although it's been a struggle when times had gotten tough,
You've always done your best to make sure we had enough.
You are a tall pillar of strength and a snapshot of courage
For when it came to your children, you knew just how to nourish.
You lead by example for your children to see!
Once again I am proud; Happy Mother's Day from me!

We know you've done your best to make sure we were prepared
And there isn't any doubt to how much you really cared.
We know you still care because of the person that you are
And when we've needed you most, you’ve always been our shining star!
We want to thank you mommy dearest
for the time that you have spent
For you must be an angel who was heaven sent.
You lead by example for your children to see!
Once again I am proud; Happy Mother's Day from me.

We're not saying these words to make ourselves sound smart
Everything that we are saying is coming straight from our hearts.
Because there aren't enough words to describe what you have been.
For you are not only our mother, you are also our friend.
You lead by example for your children to see!
Once again I am proud; Happy Mother's Day from me.

i love you :)

Thanks mum.
For everything :)


Nico said...

Hi Mel,

Very nicely written and as usual you sound jovial. Happy to see you so grateful to your mom and spend effort to write this for your mom.

Happy Mothers Day Pat..!!!

Indeed not easy taking care of 4 children, which they are now 4 teenager more tougher, more headache to take care.

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

aww, thanks ah sun jie!
yeap, she deserves it :)

thanks again!


you complete me :)