Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Bird-Day Mr. Yau!

First thing in the morning, we sat for our Maths [1] paper.
Yeah, we're in the midst of our SETARAs.

Well, due to my diligence from the recent days, it kinda paid off in a way that I could answer more questions than I expected.

But nevertheless, I'm pretty sure I'll be flunking this paper AGAIN [LOL]
after I looked at the 2nd page that consisted the functions and ecllipes.
Big sighs.

However, we got to move on.
Our Pengajian Am paper 2 is due next Thursday.

AND the things Steven does in class....

Can you guess what he wrote on the greenboard?
Well, it's about himself - keep guessing.

... ... ... ... ... -.-" right.

Accident :(

* * * * * *
Right after school today, we gathered in the canteen cause we were gonna celebrate Shaun's birthday!
There were about 25 of us - consisting of the physics, biology and arts[1] class.
Well, we were actually planning to kena Shaun, since it's his birthday.
After running away, hiding in the staff room, hanging around the foyer.. he finally gave in and came to the canteen.

Shaun: Alright guys, let's just stop this childishness and let's go to Holiday Plaza now.

I don't think anyone's listening.
Shaun's pretty childish himself, LOL.

Anyone ever heard of getting an "alluba"?
Well you see, in the canteen we've got those tiled-up pillars and it's large enough for Shaun.

P.S: Shaun, I had no idea this was going to happen at all.
I was kinda shocked watching the action, LOL.

The aftermath.
We had 6 men to grab him, carry him up and rammed him against the pillar... countless times.
He was teary-eyed man... OUCH.
I feel your pain Shaun.

Shaun: Did I really treat y'all that bad...? Ahh, I don't think I can drive...
He even found it hard to walk at first, but he stood strong being the man he was, hahaa.

We made it to Pizza Hut in Holiday Plaza anyways!
Thank you Shaun :D

This is my sister's favourite okay.
Look Kah May, nice?? :D

Xian Jian :)
We practiced almost everyday as the school athletes 2 months ago.

Guess who's who? :D

The Arts girls and one Bio student, lol.

Yes, the obviously odd one out of the rest, hahaa.

AND THEN the birthday cake came in and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Yau.

Su Peng: Here, take your cake and make your wish.
Shaun: Ermm, okay. *suspicious*

Shaun: *doubtful* errm, you sure you're not gonna do anything right?
Su Peng: of course not! we bought this cake for k! you don't trust us??
In Shaun's heart: NO.. but he kept silent.

Shaun: Alright I'll make my wish... *wishes*
Su Peng: Ahh, guai... guai....

Shaun: *after a long time, open eyes* *nothing happened*
Everyone: walau... praying ar?
Su Peng: see? told you that nothing would happen wert, so scared for what? Pray until so long...
Everyone: LOL, praying for what huh?? For Su Peng right??? *commotion*

Shaun & Su Peng: *perasaan segan dan malu*
Shaun: no, no... okay seriously... *wishes again*

Everyone: .... waah, wish so long. candle melting lar!
Su Peng thinking: walao so long, really wishing for me is it..? paiseh...

*after blowing candle*
*sinks candle deep into the cake*
Everyone: okay Shaun, you know the drill. use only your mouth.
*after a quite a while of hesitating his predictable fate*
Shaun: Y'all not going to do anything right??!
Everyone: NO, no, no, no.... *grinning ear to ear*

And before Shaun's mouth could reach the candle...


Shaun: Wuwuwuuu....
Evil people laughing in background.

So thick, waaahaaaahaaaa.

SSI-ians: Huh? Why everyone running that way??

SDJ-ians running to one corner.
Look at Shaun!

P.S: Janice Pua, the evil mastermind of today's event, LOL.

Clean and grinning.
I guess, that's NOT a good sign.
*shaun reaches for the splatted cake remainings*

Su Peng who was the prankster of the day, so must kena lor.
Lol, poor girl...

Oyy Shaun, enough larr!
LOL, he's making it worse.. xD

AND RIGHT AFTER that, we came in with another cake.
A bigger one.
Once more, "Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to--- "
*Shaun runs away*


Happy Birthday to Panda Pendek, ROFLMAO.
Cause for his basketball group he named it "Orang Pendek" which consisted all the tall people.
The entire school laughed when this was announced.
"And the basketball championship goes to... ORANG PENDEK [short people]!"


I guess everyone's pretty de-stressed after today's horrid Maths[1] paper, hahaa.
And oh yeah, Kelvin received an "alluba" right outside Pizza Hut where one pillar was available.
Aftermath: Torn pants.

It was a great day :)

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