Thursday, May 15, 2008


I guess, doc didn't give me much choice now did she.

I'll be living with this colour for 6 weeks.


Due to some complications like I've mentioned before...
My teeth structure is pretty rare in a way that I will have to do an operation concerning that thin ligament that holds our lip and gum together. Yeah that one, try pulling down your lower lip, you wouldn't miss that tension of that "rubber-band" there, right in the middle of your lower lip.

I will have to operate it, REMOVE IT and shift it somewhere else, LOL.
But that'll be a year later on.

Doc was telling me about some complications with my teeth that I might have to wear a HEAD GEAR.
And we'll see to that after THIS 6 weeks.


Honestly, I think it'll be pretty cool to wear a head gear.
I'd look like a freak to people.. I know.
But I think it's still kinda cool, LOL.. xD

And guess what?
My latest visit to the dentist this Wednesday was when I got these pink bands.
And I had a trainee doctor AGAIN but I was her first patient EVER.
No other experiences, I was the first!

She accidentally poked my gums a few times...
Kinda drilled that fast deadly spinning metal into my gums twice when she was scaling my teeth.

But she was not as bad as the previous trainee dentist I had months ago.
I guess with more experience, this one can be a good dentist soon :)

* * * * * *
I had my Pengajian Am paper 2 today.
And I'm damn pissed off.
Well, I wasn't a minute ago but since I'm talking about it, it's bringing back the fumes.

So there I was, prepared and ready to take this paper.
And so I HAD to be sitted in between people who don't bring their equipements which are crucial for the examination.

The person sitting behind me didn't bring his compass and jangka lukis.
The person in front of me constantly borrowed my liquid paper and demanded for more test pads.
The person at my 11 o'clock asked for test pads too.
The person at my 2 o'clock was worse, he didn't bring his ENTIRE pencil box.
So he was constantly bugging me throughout my exam. Can you guess who?

I was so friggin' distracted that I screwed up my pie chart.
I was so freaking angry :(

I had only 5 MINUTES to do Bahagian E, which was a one paragraph essay.
I'm so upset that I didn't get to write it properly, my points were everywhere and even at the last 5 minutes the bugger still can bug me to lend him my stuff and pass it to him. I just ignored him and scribbled whatever I could before it was too late. There goes my 15 marks.


Can you imagine how much TIME I lost due to just passing things to people who were surrounding me??
I know you'd say - IGNORE THEM.
I could have, but I knew that if I did just that, they couldn't do their exams.
I was too freaking-kind-hearted.
Actually I did ignore them a few times, but they just couldn't stop BUGGING ME.
I was so freaking annoyed and I couldn't concentrate!!!

I was so angry to the point that I just punched my fist into the table when my pie chart was screwed.
I stepped up to Steven after the exams and confronted him, I couldn't take it anymore.
"Steven, do ME a favour... bring your own stuff next time. I screwed up my graph paper because of you". At least he said sorry, gaaahhhh, but it's not enough to redo my paper.

I'm never ever, ever, ever gonna sit near any of them next time.
I'm done. I'm fed up.
Get your own stuff.

Shame on you.

* * * * * *

Since that's done with.

Tomorrow I'll be performing in school for Teacher's Day.
I'll be playing the guitar and singing that very same thing I did for the Puisi & Lagu Competition.
The teacher asked us to.

And then I'll be singing "Kaulah Segalanya" because everyone was hotly requesting for the song. So, I've already learnt it and mastered it, hopefully. And I'll be singing "Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams again. I'll be playing both songs on my keyboard. Geez, I have to bring two instruments to school tomorrow, what a hustle.

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