Sunday, May 11, 2008

Malaysian University English Test 2008

This would be my second time.

Yes, I got Band 5 last year.
And since this is the last time they're gonna be using the old format, why not?

Well if I don't get Band 6 again, I won't bother retaking again.
Cause the new format is tougher, hahaa.
So, waste my 60 bucks again I shan't anymore.

Lemme tell you what happened for the test this time.


The topic I received this time was,
"what is the most effective way to make school or colleges more interesting?".
Being Candidate A, I had to talk about 'less emphasis on examinations'.
And yes, I had to start first - compared to last year when I was Candidate D.

So in 2 minutes, I had to think of every point possible to impress the examiners.
And these were some of the points I talked about:

In task A, I quoted our Minister of Education, YB Dato' Sri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein where he mentioned that our examination-oriented system is impractical and burdensome to students and teachers alike in the Star newspapers. Whereas, he'd like to change it to a new system. The standards and qualities of education would also be raised according to Rancangan Malaysia Ke-9. Honestly, a student's maximum potential cannot be evaluate out of few pieces of paper. Moreover, Professor Mohd Ali Hassan also admits that a schools rely 100% on the year-end examinations to evaluate a student. On top of that, students are getting even more stressed and pressured... bla-blah. So, the MOE shouldn't stay on hiatus but "strike while the iron is still hot"... bla-blah, lol.

In task B, I started like this:
Since "time and tide waits for no man", I shall begin first...

When I told my teacher what happened, he told me that they were expecting me to cut the vegetables with a knife, but I brought an axe.

I hope I did very well, lol.


Everyone was pretty nervous and tensed.
"It's the last year their gonna be using the old format, will it be tougher??"
That was their greatest concern.

- it was easier than last year, that's all I have to say.

- Summary was on a research about babies, a lil' tricky cause it wasn't very specific.
- The essay was, "Academic excellence guarantees a successful life", do you agree with the statement? LOL, I was so happy! I wrote pretty much similiar to my speaking.
But I only used about half-an-hour to write that entire essay :(
Sighs, I hope I did okay... I didn't do very well in my writing last year.

- In Part 1, I wasn't really sure whether Q3 was "It was 6.8 on the Ritcher scale".
But that was my answer anyways. The radio went haywire towards the ending of Part 3, so we got to listen to only Part 3 one more time, fair enough.

Before that the examiner, G.P. Tan, said "So would you like us to play Part 3 again?"
And I just calmly replied, "Well, it'll be better if we replayed everything again, lol". All my friends in the same classroom laughed approvingly, but oh well, tough luck.

OVERALL, I really hope that I get Band 6.
Please Lord, 60 bucks not easy for me to earn k..?
Thank You Lord, Amen.


* * * * * *
After a very long time, finally N6 cell group came together once more.
It was on a Friday, one day before my MUET papers.
Thank God I came for cell group, I didn't feel as disappointed as I did last year :D

Well, they got a forfeit.

Just having fun :)

Baba and me :)

* * * * * *
ON the very same day I was taking my MUET papers,
I rushed to Tropical Inn to come for City Harvest Church's Mother's Day celebration!
Moses and Sue forced me to.

That's Daniel Ong talking in front :)
Managed to see all the old faces once more and caught up.
They also did a very short and simple drama but it was touching :)
Leo [rare] as the rebellious kid, Sue as the mother and Moses as the gangsta-friend.

And I met new friends too!
But guess whom I was most happy to see there?
Take a wild guess.

That's my babe, Mitch :)
We give you our besos!

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