Sunday, November 04, 2007

Down with Fever & Food Poisoning.

Why must I get ill now?
I've got my Pengajian Am 1 finals the day after tomorrow.
Not forgetting my MUET [speaking] on Wednesday!

If I don't do well for MUET, I'm wasting my RM60 and going through the inconvenience of retaking it again next year. I've got to speak well, very well. Sighs.

Went for my MUET [reading, writing & listening] in SMKPJ yesterday.
Sighs, for my writing paper, I had to finish my essay question in 30 minutes!
It was so rushed... :(

And for listening, the radio just sucks man. The minute all the classes started playing the tapes at different times, there was resonance everywhere! You can't hear your own tape properly in order to answer the questions... sniff.

Instantly after I was done, I rushed home because I had band practice and the worship leader was gonna fetch me. When I reached home, he was already waiting for me outside my house. So, I just hopped into his car and off we went to town. Not knowing that the chinese service band was practising before us, so Uncle Clarence brought us to eat first, cause we didn't get to eat.

Little did I know that the friggin' food was poisoned! Sniff... Must've been their left overs that they had from the previous catering. Ben suffered for a little while but then he was okay. The poison didn't exactly made impact immediately for me.

It was a really rushed day.
I was a russian yesterday.
A rush-ian.

On that very same day, I had to perform in Hotel Selesa for some teacher's annual high tea. Seeing that the chinese band wasn't done, I went ahead first.
So I rushed there, performed and got out as soon as I could. When I reached church, the chinese band just finished their practice. So loooonnng -.-"
My tummy already started to feel uncomfortable.
We finished our practice and went home.

By that time, I was already feeling very lousy.
My tummy hurt so bad.
Was tossing and turning in bed... Started to get really hot, geez down with fever.

Vomitted too.
Which was kinda cool. Lol.
Sighs, I was trying so hard not to though.

Need to study Pengajian Am lagi.
Big sighs.

Haha, thank God I managed to play the bass guitar today for service.

Getting sick now is so crappy. Sniff :(
I better lose a lot of weight from this.

People, please pray for me...
I wish to recover by today.

Getting dizzy now and my head's starting to pound.

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