Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Examinations End!

Well, not exactly.
I still have one more Pengajian Am 1 paper to take.

I sat for my MUET [speaking] today!
And I'm proud to say that I did pretty well.
Better than I expected to actually, lol.

I'm so glad that I'm pretty much on the healthier side.
So, I was able to perform well.
Thank you so much for your prayers :)

Haha, it's now midnight and fireworks are blasted off at every corner in this taman.
I'm sure every where else nationwide too.

Happy Deepavalli to my indian pals!

It was mum's birthday yesterday [7 nov].
I'm so glad that she's happy with my treat :)
I'm sure the family is too.

Sighs. I can't upload the pictures now.
Thanks to Blogspot.

Later :)



Hey, you kids are underaged -.-"

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