Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who wants to get me a white nail polish?

Hey y'all.
Please take note of this entry's title ;)

Anyways, this entire week and last week included, I've been always stuck in school due to librarian duties.
Well, we've got to go to the library for 5 days of our holidays and do some "chores".

Hah, sighs.

Hee, I managed to buy myself some new tops.
Thanks mum :)

Really gotta rush a lot of things.
The biochem class gotta hand up our display of 25 species of insects and a folio of 25 types of plants. I've still gotta do a lot of things.
Not to mention our Ecology assessment.

Okay, I'm hungry and tired.
Going to school again tomorrow.
Big sighs.
After my dental appointment that is.
Finally get to change those so-called orange bands that has already faded to almost pink.

Au revoir.

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