Saturday, November 10, 2007

Deep-a-waa-lee with Butties.

So I went visiting from house to house on foot and public buses.
With the diwali cookies and indian food, it has surely been a long time since I did this.

The best part of it was celebrating with my besties.
Can't help it that the bunch of them are indians eh? (;
So I played dress-up for the day.
You know, dressing for the occasion.
We travelled to about four houses only in different tamans.

Honestly, people never see chinese girls in punjabi suits before is it?
I was like some alien wherever I went.
Boo y'all. We're in a democratic country.

If you can't take it in, you can lock yourself in your room and tell yourself that this is a perfect world with fixed options. Migrate if you have to.


I'm so smad that Sue can't join us!!
Darl, just wanna let you know that we missed you in our circle :(
Hope you're doing well in your finals.

Dan had to go home early when we reached Jusco.
Leaving the 3 of us, and Sanggivi came to join us for Stardust!
That's a great show, you guys outta catch it :D

Here's a few pics.

Dano, A-nandos, Mellow & Brado.


Yes, Anan and Brad forced Dan into a trolley, carried him in.
He's not moving cause Anan's holding Dan's phone,
threatening to drop it as he take pictures for blackmail, lol.

Do you feel Daniel's pain?
...Ehhh kuchi-kuchi-kuchi! Ehhh...

Aww, some sort of tough love. Lol.

Yeah, and we kinda skidded him on the trolley through the empty basement in continuous zig-zags. Lol...
Come on Dan, we know you enjoyed it (;

* * * * * *

The day before:

Bought 3 tops at WH where "everyone is beautiful".
It's been long! :D

And as I was on my way back from tuition, this sleepy chinese girl really seemed to like my shoulder.
Well, can't blame her, I know it's really comfy.
Gives people the reason to lean on my shoulder, lol.
She kept bobbing her head unto me even after waking up, lol -.-"

She's from Johor Jaya. How I know?
That's what I heard from her phonecall with her mum.

Anyone know her? Lol.

The blackmail:

What a great day! :)
Right Dan?

P.S: Just published the Jamuan Pertina entry and uploaded pics for mum's birthday! Sorry for the delay. Scroll down.

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