Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Come on Mel, you can make it... 50% more....

MUET [3]
MUET [4]
Chemistry [1]
Chemistry [2]
Maths T [1]
Maths T [2]
Pengajian Am [1]
Pengajian Am [2]
Biology [1]
Biology [2]

I'm so gonna flunk Maths... it was so hard :(
I'm sorry Miss Tay, wished they never changed you as our Maths teacher from the start.

MUET is a sure thing, but I dunno about getting Band 6.
It's not the real one, the school just didn't have anything better to do so they made another MUET test to add unto our burden. Well, not really for me though, lol.

Chemistry, I'm not too sure. I think I wrote a lot of crap.
Madam Koh, forgive me.

Pengajian Am 2's tomorrow.

Biology 1 & 2 the day after, and Maths T 2 on friday.
Just great, there was NO Maths 2 in SMKPJ, so I didn't get to learn the first chapter they learnt in SDJ. Joy. For the second time, I'm so gonna flunk Maths T.

I was unfortunate enough to come across a FLASHER.
It's like adding another stinkbomb unto a toilet filled with... well, you understand.


I was walking home, reached the staircase where I'd walk down.
Suddenly, I see a silver van stopping at the concrete where 2 malay girls sat.
Then he swung open his car door and sat on the driver's seat with his legs wide open.
Not wearing anything.

From afar, I thought to myself...
"Is that his skin or his trousers? It really looks like skin though..."
Then before I knew it, the 2 malay girls screamed and ran as the van dashed away.

They ran to me, swearing under the breath, trying to catch any.
They told me that he was flashing himself and then asked them if they wanted it and stuff.
Knowing that he's a sexpsychomaniac, they ran for their lives.
I'm so glad that I didn't get a close up, wouldn't wanna see his hairy balls from what seemed to be 'all black' from my view.

Anyways, ladies, if you're alone, run.

BUT if you're with a big group, don't be afraid. DO NOT HESISTATE to put your thumb and index finger a little ajar, referring to a small measurement and LAUGH at how small it is. Something like this:

Just laugh at the flasher, he'd go away feeling embarassed.

Ladies, please be careful wherever you go alright?
Make sure you're always with someone you trust, don't go solo.
This is JB people, the princess of crimes.
That's the reality.


Is it okay to miss someone whom you're restricted to even think about?
But.. it can't be helped.
It's been three years now.

Nevertheless, things will happen in God's timing...
I hope it's really soon.

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