Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Picnic Of Three..?


Been busy doing biology experiments...
So it's not really the holidays for me.

However, I had to take a break whether the experiments liked it or not!
So, Steph, Eunice and I decided to have a picnic at Istana :)

Well, seeing that we only wanted it to be a girl's hangout with just the three of us, Eu's mum decided that it wasn't too safe for us girls to be alone, and suggested that we invited guyfriends.


Well, Eu just called one guy. Steph called one guy.
They called their friends... and about 14 people other than us were as cs.
Lol, like the whole JB was going.
Anyways, it all rounded up to us 3 girls and 9 guys.

And by the way, I'll be leaving for KL this thursday for the AFC boot camp.
We're gonna be having hardcore dance training and perform everywhere in KL.
And yes, I wanna thank my darling Sumin for the white nail polish! :D

So here are some pics.
A random rubbish day, Steph said.

The guys.
The place is beautiful by the way... windy, shady and clear clean view :)

Sherman and Leo.

Ban Lee [is that how you spell his name?]

Leo and Fadzir doing... a painful pose, yet. Lol.


Eunice, Leo and I.


my babes.

That's our picnic :)

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