Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lower Six Life.... So Far.

Hey guys :)
Sorry for not being updating.
I mean, how could I..?

Wake at 6, go to school, end school and get to work, come back from work, bathe - 1AM, wait for hair to dry, sleep....
And the vicious cycle repeats itself.
So, I couldn't even crawl to the computer, sorry.
Yes, I'm tired.

Anyways, lemme tell you how school's like... so far (:
And dearest Chie Hua has been fetching me to school everyday now.
Thank you ever soo much! :)

I've been dozing off throughout my entire orientation week.
The Pertina's in this school didn't organize anything anyway.
I was even dozing off so much that the Pengetua hinted at me during his speech during the closing of the orientation week. LOL.
But no one saw cause when all heads turned back I was already awake.
Wahahahaaaa... XD

"There's still hope in life and undiscovered escape routes in our journey..."
A meaningful picture - I like that :)
On the way home from school.

Well, I walked into those school gates the whole week and I realized that I was the only non-muslim in baju kurung. And everyone thought I was some mix, like -.-" . Umm, it was then I was told INDIRECTLY by a teacher who was hosting the orientation week that non-muslims are NOT ALLOWED to wear baju kurung.


"If you want to wear it, then you should wear the 'tudung' as well..."
I shrugged and I just said, forget it.

What kind of rule is this..?
When the non-muslims wear those white transparent tees with those beige skirts also can see wert, even more visible in fact. I wore a white singlet inside okay...
Blarh, whatever.

Mel's got no money to buy new uniforms till now, so if the school doesn't want me in the baju kurung, they'd have to wait and bear with me in my normal blue pinafore and this:

The one on the left was my former school's prefect uniform, but they've changed when I quit anyways. FYI, I've not worn this attire since Form 2, was a little surprised that it still fits, LOL.

Our lessons have already begun.
I seem to be liking my Maths T, for now, lol.
My Bio's so-so.
My Chem teacher teaches by reading.
My Pengajian Am and MUET teachers are okay.

Can I please be transfered, fast??
Ohh, this is taking so long... :(

* * * * * *

Well, it's decided that I'm gonna be working probably till the 6th or 7th of June.
Then I'll quit. Lol. It's a little fun to say that, I dunno. Hahaa.

And guess what people??
I'm gonna be going to my church camp this year in Genting!
So excited!
It's impossible for us to take it out from our own pockets at this time.
So, let me just say that God gave us a chance to go, that's all :)

The sun's too great for my pathetic but most loved small piece of technology :)

And I had great fun at Jess' birthday yesterday! :)
The gang consisted Jess, Ben, Hong, Alven, Wanda, Anita, Jia Hui, Abel, Sherwan, Deryk.
It was very nice... truly recommend you guys to go to Senze restaurant on the first row of shoplots near Jusco. Artsy-fartsy. Reasonable prices. Very nice :)
I hope she liked my gift, hee.
I liked her Mango secret recipe cake though ;) it was yummy-ness!

Some pics for you guys!

The birthday gurl!! :D
We love you Jess... *mwarcks!* :)

Look at my teeth sparkle! :D

Some sorta candid shot, lol.

Darling, I love you... :)

And oh Alven, I loooovvvvedd the tongue move!
It shows what we braces-people are very, very good at, LOL XD

Family's going to KL for the holidays while I stay back and work again.
Oh well. The working will end soon. It has to.

Alright, since I'm off, I wanna catch some sleep that I need, quite desperately...
Wait, did I put it right..? LOL.
Ohhh, you get what I mean!


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