Thursday, May 03, 2007

Goodbye Tooth Number Two

My teeth structure, nice? Lol.
It's no wonder why my impersonation of "Stitch" is so good! XD

*evil laugh*

The big injection... ugh.

Anaesthetic, it's ready.

I reached the place and waited a long time due to the many humans who were present.
So, I was called, went in, waited again for the other patients to finish their processes.

Today is the day I put on my braces and extract my teeth.
But what did the doctors and nurses do?
They extracted my teeth first.
How smart.

Before I could give my say, I was injected with that numb-ning liquid, that big needle plunging twice in my mouth, one into the gums, another into the roof of my mouth.
This time, it wasn't just my mouth that was numb. Half of my nose was numb that I couldn't breathe with that half.
Strong? You bet.

When the Chief doctor came back, she asked them why didn't they put on my braces first...
I felt so, "ugggh".
I didn't wanna come back often, I just want it done ASAP.
Too many delays already.. :(

Grrr.... I can still biiiittteee cchuuuu!
.... hehee.

Bloody blood blood....
Dang, I lost a lot of 'em this time in comparison to the other one.

It is finished.
The pair unites!

The anaesthetic is still lingering around...
I'll let you know if I'm in pain, I won't lie.
Everybody's waiting for me to say that it actually hurts, lol.
I won't know, we'll see if I'm lucky again this round ;)

Will wait for Sue to come by...
I dunno how we're really gonna talk, lol.
But we're alright not saying anything either, just enjoying each other's company :)

Working the morning shift tomorrow.

Still bleeding, bleh.
So much for tooth number two.
* * * * * *

Guys, it's still not hurting.... lol XD
And it's already past 2AM.

.... This is good :D

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