Saturday, May 05, 2007

Randomness at work :)

Mel may be a workaholic... =/
[ really..? maybe not, lol ]

But she has her time-outs :)

Ice-cream moments with Hazel :)
You should watch Hazel chomp down her ice-cream... fulamak!
[ "Fast and Furious" by Teriyaki Boys theme song ]

Pui Ching and Ci Qian :)

And our lifts in Jusco are always so funny... XD
I think it's the same culprit who did the other similiar crime inside the lift.
[ click here to refer to similiar case ]

* * * * * *

Well, the morning shift was good today... there wasn't any "crowd".

Hui Min and Jia Hui looked for me today and waited till I finished work so that they could hang out for a while. My little sister misses her da jie, so just catch up and stuff.

Hui Min and Jia Hui :)

And oh yeah, I drove back again today...
I've gotta get a hang of this driving, I wanna go pro k.. lol.
*silly 'stitch' grin*

Aiihhh, working the full shift tomorrow.
From 9.15AM till 11.00PM+++ .....
Depending on customers who do not understand that WE'RE CLOSED.
Hmph :(

... I'll hit the sack then.
Oh yeah, still no pain from the extraction.

wOOt! :D
Sweet dreams.

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