Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Apology for being MIA

She's updating... finally!
Mel apologizes for being MIA for the previous week.

She simply couldn't pay for the bills and her internet source gave up and cut her short.
Yeap, you heard me right.
Mel couldn't pay the bills.
Cause she had to support her family with the little pay she earned.

Much has happened.
Ohh, yes... much has happened.

* * * * * * *

So lemme update briefly.

- Mel has been accepted into Form 6 at SMK Permas Jaya.. and yes, the Science stream.
[ However, she shall request for a transfer to SSI.. hope there's a place for me ]
If not, options are EC or Dato' Jaafar.

- She'll be working for this entire month and study at the same time, yes.
With only one rest day a week. Just so to cover up for time in school.
However in the month of June, she'll only be working on Fridays after school, Saturdays and Sundays.
I know I'm gonna be really pooped out for this 2 weeks before the school holidays.
Waking at 6, go to school, go to work, end at 11 or almost midnight... go home, sleep and wake again at 6... ....
What a vicious cycle, eh? Lol..

- God has been awesome and provided for us in awesome ways! :D

- She has already terrorized the roads near her area, including JB. Lol.

- The braces are scratching inside her mouth... a lot, gssh.
Most of the people I know seems to be very "jakun" when they see this new change.
And ohh yeah, I really love smiling at kids at the cashier line! :D
They'd whisper in astonishment to their parents and keep staring awkwardly, lol! XD

- I love my colleagues, they're the bestest co-workers and friends ever! :)
[ I'll be posting new pics here soon! ]

* * * * * *

Here's what we got mum for Mother's Day... :)

5 REAL pink roses decorated nicely.
She loved it!
And she was so touched...
Happy Mother's Day, Mum...
We love you :)

So right now, I'll have to get my nail polish remover and wipe off all the dark-blueness off me fingers...
Sniff :(

She's gonna be in that fugly school uniform again... Rules, curfews, tidiness, studies....
Back to school for Mel.
Sobs :(

Alright alright... Have to wake up at 6AM once more...
I'll get going now, siiiiiggghhhhh...
Thank goodness it also happens to be my off day tomorrow.
Night y'all.

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