Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Q U I T !

Yes, it's my last day of work today, 6th June.
I've handed in my resignation letter a week ago, prior to the one-week-notice.

How was it?

Honestly, it started pretty good.
Hardly any customers for today, had great colleagues as friends too, had flashbacks of the past 4 months that were rather okay EXCEPT for the long deadly queues that reaches up to the CD RAMA department, didn't have horrid customers who were SUPER HORRIBLE to me *pity my other colleagues who kena real bad*, manage to communicate and handle them well to save my own @$$.... lol.

It was alright all the way when my day was almost over UNTIL....
I reached my second last customer.

Look, we close at 10.30PM from Sundays - Thursdays, 11PM for Fridays & Saturdays.
Tonight, we close at 10.30PM.

This Malay mak cik who berhegeh-hegeh taking her own sweet time which caused me to close my accounts later than I suppose to, came to my counter, along with her other sweet children of 5. I meant it about the children, sincerely.

She takes out this expired temporary card which SUPPOSEDLY doesn't have any discounts. Cause when I scan that card of hers, it simply won't give blardy discounts cause it's EXPIRED.
So, I kindly asked her where did she apply for this card and she says Batu Pahat.
Okay, I said. Please kindly inform them that you didn't receive the original card yet because this temporary card has expired.

"What you mean expired?? It's a 3-year card!"

"Miss, yes it is. I'm saying that this temporary card has expired, you simply didn't receive your original card, which you must do a feedback so that...."

*her children nods in agreement in PERFECT understanding and tries to explain what I am saying to their mother in their timid voices*

"It's a 3-year card! Why can't you give me discounts?! Did I pay for this not to get discounts, blar-blar-blar-blar... 3-year card... ", starts pushing her index finger into the card roughly which I'm holding. Hello? I can feel you pushing my hand as well okay. She's really pushing my buttons now.

*her children starts falling silent and scared yet ashamed of their rude mother*

"Miss... I AM going to give you discounts but I'm JUST telling you that you NEED to receive your original card [so you don't have to freaking get this kind of remark from EVERY cashier you go to for the NEXT freaking 3-years dammit!]"

"Just quickly give me those discounts and I want to get out of here, don't need to tell me all this and make my life miserable...", in a rude way.

Oh no, she didn't.

You're freaking making my last day miserable!
You think you're the only one who is miserable? Go lock yourself in your room and cry 24-7 and think the entire world is perfect EXCEPT you.


. . . . .

Nevertheless, Melissa Yap stood there scanning those items of hers, not saying a word, containing her rage, fuming, ignoring and dismissing her as quick as she could, without thanking her.
I mean, come on, what for? For giving me crap? No thanks. Nuh uh.
I instantly called for the next customer not taking a second glance at her.
Actually, I felt bad that I didn't give her a piece of my mind since it was my last day.

What a waste.

My other supervisor who stood next to me took off her hat for me.
She witnessed the acts of that rude Malay mak cik.
Biadap betul. Kurang ajar they'd say.

Fumed so much and thinking of all the ways I could've gotten back at her, mean or courteously.
Either way would've been fine.
But I didn't.

. . . . . .

Simply cause I knew... that if I did what I wanted, my company would get shot after I leave.
Which is pretty unfair cause they treated me well.
Ohh, the heck with her!

I really felt like telling her to go home cause we're closed.
I didn't cared if she didn't purchase anything from Harris, better if she didn't.
And told her that she was rude and I have my own human rights as well.
I'm not her maid, back off.

Or I could kindly thank her and say that AT LEAST I practice my last Rukun Negara as a Malaysian and personally thought that she didn't and dismiss her.

"Miss, do you even know what's the last Rukun Negara? Well, I practiced it and I think you don't. Thank you and goodbye. And ohh, just so you don't know, it's 'Kesopanan dan kesusilaan'"

Ohhhhh, what a waste!!

She's a Malay for crying out loud, I don't think she deserves being called a Malaysian.
I'm a Malaysian, and I knew I still practiced courtesy despite of people like that.
Heh, she gives Malays a bad name and image. Even my close malay buddies know how to practice "Kesopanan and Kesusilaan".
Shame on you.

Uggh uggh uggh!!
Had to get it off my chest, if you've read this far, I applaud you.

It had to happen on my last day didn't it?
I didn't have to take this $#!T for the past 4 months!

*inhales slowly*
Ahh, it's over.
I don't work there anymore.
It's over.

Anyways, people, I'll be going to Genting tomorrow!!! :D :D :D :D
Something to be happy about... haha.

Alright, it's almost 4.30AM, I shall take my rest..
I bid you adieu!

And you leave you some pictures, good memories...


I'm so touched by Hazel's entry that was dedicated to me... *sniffle*
I love you darling, work was fun when you were around :)
I mean that.

I'll miss you, all the best in KL...
Keep holding on to His hand and let Him lead you, you'll be fine :)
I love you.

A LI NIE . . . . . LOL!

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