Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Labour Day, Favour Day :)

The beginning of May was wonderful for me.
What a great start :)

I woke up super early to get ready and get my butt up to CS, sis followed an hour later, lol.
Because... we were gonna catch the premiere of Spiderman 3!
So excited! :D

The peeps :)

Kimmy dear, my sis :)

It was soooo nice seeing here again since Ben and Celine's birthday bash last year. She reached CS early and sweetly queued up for all of us. By the time we reached CS, it was finally her turn so we were good. FYI, the queues were craaaazy because everybody wanted to watch the premiere of Spidey.
All thanks to Kim :)

Thanks darling, appreciate it much.
Love ya! *mwaaahs*

i like that black suit :)

This is the BEST of the triology.
GO watch it!

We laughed, we cheered, we crapped, we applauded as if it was the red-carpet-opening-with-the-Directors-present. LOL.
Well, it was very memorable...
I enjoyed myself :)

As soon as the movie was over, we couldn't linger any further due to some of our friends' busy schedules and curfews.
So, yeah. Sighs.

Bryan and Danny Boy :)

When I got back, I just knew I was tired and I just sat on my couch, resting.
Eventually, I fell asleep in a sitting position until my boss rang me, saying she was already at my house. Yeap, we've got a BBQ at our colleague's house, Hui Cheng, and she just quit, lol.
We're just having a gathering, yeah.

Hui San, Pui Ching, Mel and Hui Cheng... lol.

.... They really like this asian pose, lol.

She's the best-est supervisor, ever :)

And us, cashiers.
Yeap, Wei Jie's the only thorn among the roses, lol.
Lucky guy, 8 girls to choose from... XD
*ahem, places "X" on self for unavailability* :)

So we talked and we ate, talked and ate, laughters in between, countless camera flashes, ate and ate... LOL.
Geez, what's gonna happen to me... -.-

After cleaning up and everything was done, my boss and I were the last to leave.
Reached home at about almost 2AM...
Slept at almost 3AM... lol.

I hit the sack as soon as I could.
The bed was oh-so-inviting... ohh, I how missed it..

............... Zzzzzz.

* * * * * *

Okay, dead tired at work today.

Thank goodness I was working the morning shift.

I'm gonna be pulling out tooth number TWO tomorrow at 8AM.
Lol... tired lar, hahaaa.
I'll be bleeding a lot again, and I don't like going through this phase again, personally... =/

A lot has happened, I just didn't really had the time to blog, hahaa..
Will update when I can :)
So much for now, my bed's calling me...
And I wanna answer that call... so...

Goodnight! :D

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