Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mel's back to school

Let me just say that I never looked forward to this day.

I slept at 3AM and woke up at 6AM.
See how "enthusiastic" Mel is?

It was raining cats and dogs, dad's currently in KL, and all we had was that faithful 12-year-old white Kancil wearing the only thing that is new on it, this symbolic red "P" sticker.

Mum had no choice. She had to drive on the roads once more after 10 good years.
Yes my friends, ten.
Except for the fact that she drove once to that Q-Dees kindergarten that was once her work place 5 years ago, she never drove again since then.

She had to wear that old baju kurung with the same old blue skirt cause she didn't have time to get that beige colour uniform.
Kesian hor? Lol..

My siblings have now gone to school in that old yellow bus I always remembered, it was time for me to get to back school once again. But things are new, fresh and remained a mystery.
I don't know what would come my way.
No idea.

After facing the long congested traffic, we finally entered the gates of SMK Permas Jaya.
I sighed, but I knew what I had to do and what I had to know.
I bid my beloved mother goodbye who still drove rather well after these years. I had to guide her and continuously wipe the misty screen which blurred her vision even more, plus the horrid weather with tree braches falling on the roads.

Well, the school's okay. Not too bad I guess.
But the bummer was, I had money sucked outta me the first thing I got there.
In that offer letter we received, they mentioned nothing about orientation fees, school fees, whatever crappy fees...

Then we got sorted into our classes based on our SPM results.
Also met a lot of familiar faces and we ended up in the same class, Lower 6 SRSC 2.
With these subjects:
- General Paper
- Add Maths
- Chemistry
- Biology

I'm glad I didn't get the first class cause that package had Physics instead of Biology.
Damn Physics.

But... I still wanna go to SSI.

Well, I asked about the school transfer, and that dude who's some uztad asked me to wait till next Monday. Aihh... sien lar. I'm gonna go find information from one of my gfs and ask her what happened when she left the school almost immeadiately leaving for PPD to request for a school transfer.

And ohh yeah, MOE decided to be kind and cut the orientation one week short.
That means we'll start studying next week.
Just great.

Urmm, I didn't wait for school to end.
Cause Chie Hua and Jia Jun offered me a ride home and I didn't want mum to drive here again, so I left with them. Anyways, those higher 6 seniors were crapping and wasting time in front, and we're obliged to listen. Oops, hope they don't read this? I know my readers shall not report me and take this to heart. Thanks.

Hey, it was just a few minutes before school really ended, no harm done..?
Lol, Mel's such a good student! XD

I got back and Chie Hua offered to drive me to school and to work!
Oh lovely! :D He's such a sweetheart.
Mum was also very delighted to hear such news, lol.

Came back and rested a while... and snooooozed till 7pm [ I think ]
And I'm still missing him.

I'll be working after school tomorrow...
And I can only hope for the best.
[ Which is getting transfered to SSI, fast ]

So much for my first day at school again.


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