Saturday, September 01, 2007


It was awesome.
It was all worth the practices and everything else.

I rushed to Kerry's from school at 6PM [due to librarian duties] and Nicky picked sis and I instantly to Skudai for dance practices till midnight for 2 days in a row, reached home at 1.30AM the latest and by the time I bathe and everything else, 2AM. By the time I packed and everything, 4AM.
Woke up at 5.30AM, got ready and Moses came to fetch sis and I to leave for KL.

Heh you bet, exhausted!

My school compound below the library where you can find me till 5.30PM on Tuesdays.
Took a bus and reached PuduRaya, took the LRT to Taman Melati and next to Sheraton Hotel.
We stayed at Sue's sis' house, Christine and her husband James.
They were a very nice couple :)

Because the conference sessions usually go up to almost 11PM+ and by the time we get back and stuff, 12AM+. We didn't really get enough rest to recuperate our tired bodies, by the time everyone reached the house and freshen up one by one, it'll be about 3AM+.
Then we'll wake up at 7.30AM. Gah... I've been sneezing so much, cause the bed was really really dusty. Sniff, I'm still sneezing now even.... achhhoooo!

Awesome worship! :D

Many lives were touched...

Well, for the Talentime Competition in the dance category, only one prize was awarded and "4Serve", a 4 membered b-boys group won, they were really good. Our girls group, "Storm" did really great on stage :D though we didn't win.
So proud of everyone :) - good job ladies!

The Singing Competition..

I'm also soooooo proud of En Ai who did a fantastic job in the Parade of Schools, a combination of cheerleading, stomp, and hip-hop competition!
You did awesome darling, love you :)

Parade of Schools! :D

Go! Go! Go! Go! ....
The Monash, Inti, Nilai and Taylors Universities [MINT] cluster won the Parade of Schools!

Was really touched by God in this conference.
I wouldn't let any obstacles that are happening right now affect me and put my spirits down.
Pastor Kong Hee delivered God's word in a very impacting way, also about the culture mandate.

Pastor Kong Hee preaching in church.
Got to meet many old friends in KL like En Ai, Adrian, Alfred, Zy, Tristan, Padmini...
And new friends too like Carrie, Angela, Ooi, Chui, Frederick, and many more.

Arm Wrestling Competition! Grrrrr!

The Beauty Pagaent :D

Overall from all various clusters, the Various University cluster won for Emerge 07!

Honestly, I've been in a pretty much agonizing and suffering trip all the way because of the horrid ulcer that's in my mouth caused by the braces. Sighs, the dumb doctor didn't twist and put in the wires securely. So, there's like a hole or crater in my mouth... ouch.

I especially wanna thank Moses, Sue, our dance group: Ai Mei, Leah, Shin Hui, and the entire CHC team: Greg, Rhoda, Wan Chun, Adrian, Nicky who took care of sis and I.
I can't thank you guys enough, thanks for everything.
And please don't worry about us, we'll be alright :)

Really wanna thank everyone who've been supporting and encouraging us for this competition.
And I especially wanna thank Yee Siang for the constant encouraging smses. Felt so guilty I couldn't reply any of them due to no credit okay. Big sighs.

And the end of August also brought an end to my constant text messaging.
My credit's out anyway, lol.
Well, I guess it'll be the best for the both of us.
Do take care :)

Will upload pics when I get them from Leah...
or even if I get to use the comp. Heh.

* * * * * *

I'd also like to dedicate this entry to my little brother, Benroy! :D
Sis and I even bought him a really cute doggie all the way from KL, and he likes it! ;)

Happy Birthday BB!

I love you bunches and jie will always be there for you when you need me :)

Alright, I really really need to regain my strength and energy for school or my body would just breakdown if I distance myself from my bed any further.
The bedsheets are calling me.

That's all folks!

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