Monday, August 27, 2007

Butts To School

The holidays are over...
Back to those thick horrendous books and frustrating assessments again...

Nevertheless, it's for my better future yah?
Dammit. I mean uh, oh well.. . hehe.

I ended the holidays by watching Evan Almighty together with my siblings till 2AM.
Ah, at least it ended on a fun good note for us sibs :)

And I really really enjoyed worship leading yesterday for Children's Sunday!
It was awesome. Everyone could bring out that kid inside of us once more, and there wasn't a better time to do it :)

Some pics that ended our hols on brighter notes! :D


Freaky Sunday? LOL.
Oh don't we all look so cute? x)

[ i love this pic! ]

*ahem ahem* LOL.

Awww... :)

Sis and I will be leaving for KL tomorrow night or Wednesday evening for EMERGE KL!

Can't wait to catch En Ai flying in the air in the cheerleading routine :D

Ohh, I'll be damn exhausted because I'll be carrying out my librarian duties all the way till 5.30PM++ and reach home at almost 7PM... :(
I'll snooze on my journey to KL then.
The timing's just right too, I'll be carrying out my Chemistry experiment tomorrow before I leave for KL, phew! But sadly I'll be missing Chem tuition on Thursday which I'm paying RM60 each month for, grrr.
We have to make sacrifices I guess?

There may be dance practice later at 6.30PM++ in Skudai.
Man, I'll be so worn out for school the next day.

Oh yeah, which reminds me that I need to pack my bag for KL after my completing my assessment. Okay, okay...

First thing's first, I'll have to finish that DAMN MUET assessment which angers and frustrates me! Danny Boy will be coming to pick it up on his way back later.
Apparently, teacher wants perfection, sniff :(
That's right people, poor Mel.
Continuous re-prints, ink is not cheap you know.. those pretty papers are not white A4 papers, they actually cost a lot you know.... You know, don't you?? Plus the ridiculously quick datelines to meet??!



Bye :)

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