Sunday, September 23, 2007

Danny's Day :)

It was Daniel Tan's birthday yesterday but we celebrated on the day the before yesterday and I'm only blogging about it the day after yesterday.

You get?

So, here are some pics... (:

Aww... whatcha looking at? :D
[ nice pic ]

Secret Recipe :D

This picture can only portray happiness, joy and love... :)

The birthday gurl and boy, yes they're siblings.

The ladies... ;)

Greg Tnay... what a unique surname :)

Sisters :)

Yes, Moses is very tall... I'm not that short okay... lol.
For those who understood what I said about my haircut, do you see the picture now?

Dan's so happy with the jacket he received from his sister Eunice :)

Omg, Moses damn yao yeng *swoons* ... xD

N6 people! wOOt! :D

* * * * * *

An entry as a tribute to our 7 years of friendship, and still counting...

Honestly, I didn't really like Daniel when we first met in primary six... :/
Never did.

Thought he was, uh... weird.
Also being the lazy and disgusting boy he was, it just turned me off.

But little did I know... as we grew up being classmates
without fail EVERY YEAR until we were in secondary school...

[ Oh why, God? ]

That, we're not very different after all...
Like our liking for spongebob :D
.... and etc.

Shared laughter and sorrow, crap and humour, point of views and secrets, even the fights.

So what do we have to say to our friendship?


I guess, that says it all.

♥ BFF!

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