Sunday, September 16, 2007

SDJ's Christian Fellowship BBQ!

Just got back and finished bathing...
Geez, so exhausted.

Alright, as a summary, it was all great!

We had about almost 40+ people out of our Christian Fellowship
that only started out with 3 people. Praise God!
New souls were saved, people regained the fire and passion they once lost...
Had exciting games, drama, singing and especially... the food! :D

We had it at Full Gospel Church's basketball court,
I managed to attend TEENz worship, met a lot of old friends I really, really missed! :D

Oh yeah, we played this one game where you have to ask someone who has the longest hair to sign your form and stuff...
I just cut my hair but yet I'm acknowledged as the person with the longest hair still.

Ironic ain't it?

I'll let the photos do the talking now (:

Sharwin & Cheok :)

Gloria and Hyma singing "Lifehouse -You and Me" with Luke on the guitar.

The drama... lol.

Celebrating the September babies... :D

Mr. Brown Buttons [Philip] and I...
Really nice picture with the sunset behind...
Like we're on some vacation, lol.

Terence! :D

The main chef of the day, Delan :)

Madelyn, Delan's girlfriend.

Also the main chef in partnership with Delan, Danny Boy :)

That's a wrap! :)


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