Monday, September 10, 2007

Awesome But Tiring.. (:

Yes people, I know..
I was deprived from blogging due to nasty assessments, homework and busy schedules.
So, here I am :)

My, my... I've got so much to talk about, so much has happened...
But eventhough I'm DEAD tired, it was a great week :)

I'll just talk about the weekends then.

* * * * * *

Well, on Saturday we celebrated Benroy's birthday.
So we had all his malay friends filling up the house, we had some of the CHC friends over too, my besties... the house was pretty cramped, not to add that it's already congested with many things, lol. We had fun... tiring, but fun.

Blue boy acting like a girl as a forfeit. Lol.

Whoa... red girl's fading away... lol.

Highlights for me was when Benroy's friends left and only my besties, the CHC team and my siblings were dancing away in our house, blasting music, going crazy, having great fun... we didn't need clubbing at that time, lol.

Mum and dad had to go out for a dinner, their anniversary candlelight dinner :)
So, the aftermath of the party was just... bad.
Obviously, 12-year-old kids dunno how to eat properly, sis and I took care of the house; she's on the dishes, and I'm on the more brawn-needed workload and also vacuuming the whole house. Dead tired.

Mum looks gorgeous :)

Dad looks really smart :)

Wanted my parents to come home to a romantic setting after their dinner, so I made sure everything was perfectly fine, and wrote a big note to them saying, "Happy 19th Anniversary, Mum and Dad!" and turned on those dimmed yellow lights...

Ahh, I just had to sit down and admire my work, lol.
Sis just shook her head at me and sat down.
"I'm a hopeless romantic, so?", shooting sis back with that look, she just smiled and shook her head again.

Glad my little brother enjoyed himself.
That's enough.

* * * * * *

And Sunday, woke up really early after being so tired the previous day...
Cause there'd be the "Marriage Renewal Vows" for married couples today.

The exchanging of vows and rings...

awww... :) - my parents got married today, again. lol.

Steffi and I - she's getting prettier everyday! :D

Dad actually swept mum off her feet and carried her back to her seat after the renewal of vows, lol. Made everyone cheered, lol. They really enjoyed themselves at the dinner the previous night, even initiated the first move to dance at the dinner, which wasn't in the agenda. Hahaa, mum and dad are the outstanding couple for everyone... :)

Sis, Becky Jie, and Ben :)

Ohana :)

After that, I had to attend my school's librarians luncheon, more of a farewell for the seniors as well. It was okay....

Cheers! :D

Eventhough, I've been sick for the past 1-2 weeks, down with sorethroat, cough, cold, phlegm, cold sweat, I was still forced to sing -.-"
Sighs, seems that now everyone knows I was in Malaysian Idol... that was 2 years ago man.
Well, they wanted me to save the luncheon from the band that was urm, yeah... no offense but, they were pretty bad... fine, very.

Dan, Hyma and I :D

Librarians... hahaa.

So, dad fetched Dan and I home.
Did some Pengajian Am notes, and I even slept half-way through Lost. Sighs.
I'm tired lar.


That's all folks ;)

P.S: People, I'm finally cutting my hair on Tuesday, wOOt!!! :D


Esther said...

Ur parents are so sweet. So cute. (:

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

thanks darl... :D


you complete me :)