Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fun & Spoilers

What's fun?
I pampered myself with new stuff I never had!
I think that I deserve it, really.. :D
Since I never really did any pampering on myself with my own money.

So, I shopped till I drop?
That's the first... LOL.

Hahaa, it all started out with me going out to buy a pair of black leather/PVC shoes for school.
Well, in SDJ it's the standard rule that everyone MUST wear those kind of shoes.
So, Mel MUST get new shoes whether she likes it or not.

Instead of getting these ONLY....

I ended up purchasing stuff non-stop till I practically burnt a hole in my pocket, LOL.
Well, RM125 is a big sum for me larr...
It proves that I never really did pamper myself much, hmm =/

Here's what I bought...

Dior shades, a pretty choker and a black blouse...
Mum surprised me with those earrings when I got home.
Thanks mum :)

And people....
I think I've already bought my WEDDING SHOES... XD

Ohh, I can hear the Hallelujah chorus... >,<

It's practically the tallest high heels I've ever bought, lol..
About 4 inches tall.
I really think I may just keep this for my wedding, in future times to come. LOL.
NO ONE can borrow these babies from me! :D

CLICK on the picture to see Celine's point of view about our outing! :)

Sis is happy.

* * * * * *

Well, that was yesterday though.
About the day before yesterday, t'was UTM's Welcoming Night with the theme, "When Pirates Meet The Mafia". It was alright, the skit was the highlight for the night though. The food was good, therefore it vanished very quickly. Lol...

Here's some pics :)

, LOL.

I've read all six Harry Potter books, all credits to Suvanya :)
I didn't buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I'll just wait for Sue who'd be indulging till those very last pages, the very end of the Harry Potter series.

All I got to do was read the very first page in Harris, but that was it.
Sighs, not to mention that some buggers have already spoiled it for me by forcing me down to them shouting the grand finale of the 7th book into my ears by force.
*fumes* You people... !!!
*clenches fist*

Being a very nice person, I won't put any spoilers here regarding the book.
Baahhh, what a spoiler!

Bryan invited me to do a solo performance for FOA 2007.
Hahaa, I've performed in the Festival of Arts organized by EC for the past 2 years, lol!
It all started with Wei Xun and Fareez who insisted on me performing and even paid for me to enter... :)

So, I've decided to accept the invitation once more.
It's on the 4th of August 2007, so do come! :)
I'm having 2 songs in mind, will ask Ben and a friend to help me with the solo performance, sighs where's Benjamin Foo when I need him..
I miss Doggy :( :( :(

I am happy... I think.

I can't help myself from missing him...
I'm sorry, I just can't :(

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