Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Australian Boys Choir & The Vocal Consort

These fantastic boys and matured handsome blokes are awesome! :D

The Australian Boys Choir and The Vocal Consort performed in Wisma Tiong Hua yesterday night, for one night ONLY.
Aww man, their voices... every piece they sang...

Ahh, beautiful!
*applauds dramatically*

All credits to Lynette who decided to pick me for the show with the two tickets her aunt bought for her. So, the night show was just the both of us. It was great! :D
And gosh, trust me, we never expected eye-candies...
Those young blokes make girls crooooon! XD

I thought that I may fall asleep, you know, being in a hall where symphony plays their never ending pieces... I WAS SO WRONG.
Their voices were heavenly and captivating!

They even sang TWO malay songs! I couldn't believe my ears!
They just make Nette look really bad with the fact she don't even understand malay, LOL.
They even did these harmonics at high frequency where you think it's actually DIGITAL cause it sounded so real! And their impersonation of the wildlife birds in Aussie in the midst of their songs couldn't be REAL enough! Nette even turned over to me wide-eyed asking if it was a recording she just heard. No darling, it isn't. It's 100% their voices itself.

I couldn't take my eyes off the young blokes choir for one bit! :D
I was glued unto my seat, taking deep breaths each time cause they were taking my breath away... :)

And yes, I met a lot of familiar faces at the show :)
Janice & Joanne with their family, Aunt Alicia, Nessa and many more...

Nette and I enjoyed it to bits!
Definitely memorable :)

But the only thing I couldn't resist shaking my head in disappointment to were our very own fellow Malaysians present last night.

Here's what:
1) I don't think they know anything called a "standing ovation".
- Come on! These guys gave us a bomb of a performance all the way, they deserve it.
2) Dunno when to shut up, dunno when to sit down.
- For crying out loud, these people are coming back up in 5 minutes and the entire hall is still in a "pasar malam mode".
3) Dunno how to appreciate the REAL meaning of the pieces sung.
- When they were singing The French Horn, Lynette and I seem to be the only ones laughing to their witty lyrics in their cleverly arranged harmonics which was really good. And when they're singing sad parts, some of the audiences would be chuckling, or snoring. It proves that they just don't get it -.-"
4) Leaving at the WRONG time.
- Come on dammit! These blokes are still singing their song, bidding you goodbye. These rude people just get up and leave as if they were merely credits rolling down the screen after a movie. "Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight...", as those young handsome blokes sang to us.
How rude of 'em Malaysians... *fumes*

[ Disclaimer: Not referring to ALL Malaysians, please note ]

This is sad.
I feel bad for them boys :(

Anyways, Nette and I went home very refreshed.
And I won't be seeing her until November as she's going back to KL this Saturday :(
Darling, thank you so much for the night.. I can't thank you enough :)
*hugs and kisses*

* * * * * *
I want to take a chance to wish a very special person on his very special day.....

Happy Birthday, Dad...
I love you, cheers :)

Ohh ohh!
Sue, our siblings and I are gonna have a blast watching the premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow!
Owwwhhh.... I can't wait! :D

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