Friday, July 20, 2007

You're All I Want, You're All I Need...

This is indeed one of the best skit/mime I've ever seen!
This is too awesome to not share with you guys, just click on it and you tell me for yourself.

You've GOT TO watch it from the beginning to the end.
It almost brought me to tears... simply overwhelming, very powerful.

With Lifehouse - "Everything" in the background.
From what I know, this was performed in Knoxville, Tn at WinterFest.

Here's the link to share with your friends :)

* * * * * *
And oh yeah, I dissected insects today... it's just for our lessons.
Later on for the real STPM Biology project, I've got to do that with 25 types of species.
The antenna's can't break, the legs can't break, everything's got to be there except that you've got to take out all it's insides which was a wee bit gross, but oh well....
I'm a Bio student. Bah.

So there we were...

"Sorry insects..."
*kill kill kill kill*

Pembedahan berlangsung dengan penuh fokus, konsentrasi, komitmen dan kegigihan.
Ini turut menguji daya tahan pelajar daripada rasa ingin muntah dengan menarik nafas daripada bahu kanan mahupun kiri, meluahkan isi hati dengan pelatahan, fasinasi terbaru dengan huruf "E", pencarutan dan sebagainya.

After that, we preserved and displayed them which would soon be placed into a warm oven so that the insects would be hardened.


Umm.... the insects kinda look more kesian with those huge big-assed pins...
I dunno why they use such huge ones eventhough their insects are like uber small... lol.
It just makes it looks... mean-er.
Sighs, what horrible death =/

Then, we camwhored with them... lol.
... As a token of remembrance of course.

Chia Pei and I :)


Finally, into the oven they go...
Orders anyone?

PEOPLE, have you ever met new friends who REALLY seem to be like your old friends?
Lol well, I have :)
I'll let you think about it visually...


Hmm, now... who do you think this cute girl looks like?
Ringing any bells? :)
When I first met her, it was like I couldn't believe my eyes, lol...
She's Linda Low.

Now Linda, please meet....


My dearest Anita Ong! :D
Linda is just as tall, as petite, same size, same character.. just like Ann.
They really really resemble each other...
And after asking, they've never heard about or met each other before!
Hahaa, Ann... I've found someone just like you! :D

And I never knew Abel and I shared the same birthday, awww... haha XD


Hmm, what do you think?
Well, this is the only good shot I have of her that looks like a friend of mine.



Chong Jucia! :)
Well, except that Yi Shin is tanner and Jucia's fairer ;)

Danny Boy, myself, Yi Shin and Chee Long!
wOOt! :D

Credits to Chee Long for pictures!

* * * * * *
I've already attended my first tuition for Chemistry in Omega.
Madam Koh was really good, I understood her CLEARLY.
So jakun right? Lol. Throughout the years of my life, I've only attended Add Maths tuition for SPM and that was it... So this is my second time, wahahaaa.. XD
Sebab aku tak banyak duit apa... Sighs.

Will be going to UTM's welcoming night for the fresh graduates at GoodHope Hotel.
With the "Pirates VS Mafia" theme, this is gonna be interesting :)
I'll try to dress up as somewhat-a-pirate, LOL.. XD

Gosh, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is being released tomorrow morning 7AM! :D
The 7th book, the last book... Can't wait! :)

Take care and God bless!
*big warm hugs*

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