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Hectic But Hot :)

A big apology to my readers for I've been soooo busy that I hardly came about to blog.
So I shall sum it all up in this entry, mwahahaa.

**Anyways, you can scroll down to the previous post cause I've just updated the insect experiment PICTURES, just edited some things for you guys to see, especially the pictures, go see! :)

While I was away from blogging, SDJ had their Hari Koko.
I'm in the Interact Club where I like the students a lot but strongly dislike the teacher who seems to have a friggin' problem with me the minute we stood face to face. Actually, she has a problem with everyone, but it seems to be a bigger problem between the both of us.
Sighs, whatever.
When I entered their school, they've already made a decision to sell ice-cream.
Alright, so I was the cashier... of all positions -.-" I thought I just quit?

It was kinda hectic for me when I had to run half-way up and down because I was asked to perform. Apparently, my idol experiences seemed to have reached the Jaafarians here, so my whole plan of being anonymous had litterally failed me once more. So much for starting anew on low profile... big sighs.

Our Bio experiments...

French fries anyone? :)

Mel buat bodoh.

Linda and I :)

Sharifuddin, lol.
He always look like some big time manager or something xD

Su Peng! :D

It lasted for 2 days. The first day was damn hectic. The second day was dead.
But on the second day, I could stick around the whole day cause I had to attend this dance audition thingy where the competition will be held in KL, specifically, the Emerge Conference.
There I was thinking it was gonna be hip-hop... well well, surprise surprise... it's always like that, life's like that huh? Haha..

Actually, there will be a hip-hop routine where only THE BEST dancers who will be chosen will be taught so. But before they can make that decision, everyone has to learn this cheerleading routine where the best dancers will be chosen.


Bwahahahahahaaaa......... XD

I never imagined in my life that I'd cheerlead maannn...!
I really thought that it was so umm, bimbo-ish?
But after going for the practice, Mel is proven wrong again.
Some girls go bimbo-ish when they cheerlead cause it's how they want it to be.
Seriously, it depends on the dancer.

So, generally they've got the base, spotter and flyer during stunts.
Base - people step on you or you lift them up, or both.
Spotter - you help the flyer get up unto the base or catch them if they fall.
Flyer - you fly lar. LOL. well, you have to stand high of the ground, try your best not to fall, be extremely firm and stiff when lifted, thrown into the air and stuff... lol.

One of the dance instructors looked at me and asked me if I was willing to be a flyer.

I thought she was joking but she insisted, I told her honestly that I wouldn't want the other dancers to suffer major injuries like broken hands or legs. Lol.
Can't she see that I fat? I may have 'the shape' lar but I'm seriously heavy okay, wahahaaa... XD
Personally, I don't fancy being the base larr, lol..
So, I got to be the spotter!
Yay! :D

Man, the stunts that you've got to kick up and everything is really challenging okay...
I had a whole new perspective of cheerleading after learning the routines and all.
Hey, there's always a first for everything :)

OH yeah, I found out just after Hari Koko that I'm in a haunted boys' school.
Apparently, there are much freaky happenings and stories here, but honestly, I won't even bother giving the devil any credit for this.
But I believe in Jesus Christ, and as a believer I have power and authority over evil :)
Just remember that God's word is like a double-edged sword, use it well against the evil one.

You see, I'm trying to protect myself from getting the red-eye disease from my sis who got it from her schoolmate. She woke up one morning having difficulty opening her eyes, only to discover that her eyes were bloodshot-red with yellow pasts inside.


Yeah, it was some serious infection, very contagious too, mum and Benroy kena liao.
Sighs.... Don't worry, sis is alright now. Cured.

Just yesterday, I FINALLY got to meet my darlings, En Ai and Eunice after ages!!
Oh boy, I missed them so much! We huggggged, talked, laughed hysterically, crapped silly, camwhored...
We had a ball of a time!
It was so nice hanging out again... :)

And today was the Festival of Arts 2007 organized by E.C.
Was so happy to see old faces again like Jess, Wanda, Alven, Sarah, Fareez, Wei-Xun, Sherwan, Belinda and many more... :)

awww....! :D

- courtesy of Jessica -

Well, we performed 2 songs,
"You and I Both" by Jason Mraz and
"I Don't Love You" by My Chemical Romance

Just as I got up unto that stage, I see three judges infront of me while I thought we were just asked to perform only. Clearly, it seems to be that it was actually some kinda of best performance competition thingy. Oh right, so whatever.

Since EC decided to award the winners this year with a voting scheme by the audiences, a lot of talented and great performances went home with nothing. Like most reality shows, kawan memang akan support kawan walaupun other performers HONESTLY deserve winning the prize, and I'm not referring to myself, please.

So when it was announced that SIGS' Sketch performance won the 1st prize, and everyone hailed loud "boo's". Ouch :( I really dunno what the girls felt though. Honestly, I was a little disappointed too cause I was really hoping Kareema claimed the 1st prize instead. Oh well, it's like American Idol, you can win if you've got a lot of friends and supporters present.
"Mary Must Die" by an EC-students band [the drummer and guitarist was great!] got 2nd and Sara & Leroy's duet won the 3rd prize.

EDIT: Sorry, it's "Mary Got Shot". Lol. Thanks Sue Lynn! :)

I was satisfied with our performance eventhough I had a sorethroat and Ben wasn't really doing his best on the guitar, drums were super duper awesome considering we didn't get to practice together! ;) but overall I must say that it wasn't bad at all, not bad at all :)
After the winners were awarded just before I could leave, one of the vote-counters caught me and said that he was pretty disappointed with the results because 60 people voted for SIGS, so they won.

"But...", he said "your performance was one of the top 3 highest scores by the judges, it's just that you didn't have much voters which were about 40 votes only... sighs"
Lol, aww... sweet guy, but it doesn't matter really.
The audience themselves know who kicked up a great performance, people know who was really good, they enjoyed what they've performed, then that's enough :)

Was encouraged by many who came up to me saying that our performance was awesome.
Thanks guys

The past couple of weeks were hectic but hey, it's interesting and memorable :)
Gaahhh, need to claim a lot of pictures from various people.
Will edit when I do, so look out for it!

I think I'll go get my dinner now.
Take care and God bless!
*hugs and kisses*

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