Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A new start :)

I couldn't wait for my school to do this school-transfer-process any longer.
So, dad and I was handling this stuff ourselves which occupied us since I ended school till we reached home at about 6PM.
The MOE confuses people and make processes draggy, that's why.

Nevertheless, I finally got the letter, FINALLY.
Made me wait for 2 freaking months for this freaking letter, gahhh.
In the end, I came to know that the SMK Permas Jaya teacher actually DIDN'T WANT to give me the transfer simply because he remembered my appearances on TV two years ago...
It was this:

So that's the trip down memory lane :)

Malaysian Idol - Season 2

"Melissa, janganlah pergi... Nyanyi untuk sekolah, Permas Jaya kan bagus..."
I tried so hard not to barf.
Thanks but no thanks.

It was an exhausting day yesterday, tiring.

Firstly, I'd like to thank Danny Boy for missing his private bus today just so he'd take the public bus with me that I'd know how to get about to school next time.
I didn't even get to say goodbye to my ex-classmates, the only people I appreciate in that school. Some teachers gave me hell, making me want to get outta there ASAP, but I only appreciate some awesome teachers who taught me though. Oh well, you've got to do what you've got to do.

Chan Buan Fei shifts to Permas Jaya from Dato Jaafar.
I'm shifting to Dato Jaafar from Permas Jaya.
It was nice having him around once more after 5 years in secondary school, then Pre-U.
Will miss you :)

I'd also like to thank Chie Hua for fetching me to Permas every morning, eventhough we're always late and we've even gotten detention once, I really appreciate what you've done.
Thank you.

* * * * * *

Finally, a new start once more.
I've finally set foot in SMK Dato Jaafar.
Was pretty surprised to be approached by many familiar faces, which made me feel guilty cause I didn't really remember everyone who did today :(
Was glad to see old faces I know very well too, which didn't make me so much of an alien after all :)
I'm getting the tie for free, getting the school pin-badge for free... so nice to have friends :)
Hahaa... love you guys! :D

And this was the famous sentence everyone said to me today:
The first thing I noticed about you was your hair.


The school's alright, things would be easier for me now.
I've got to start making arrangements for tuition ASAP.

Since it's a boy's school, girls get special treatment, lol.
By the way, we enjoy nice privileges as Pre-U STPM students there:
1) We practically dominate the school, you get everyone's respect, lol.
2) Girls get to sit on the astaka while the guys sit on the floor, hahaa.
3) Pre-U students can use handphones freely.
4) Pre-U students uses the teacher's toilets instead of the horrid secondary student ones.
5) Only we can blast music through the speakers in the entire canteen during recess without complaints from teachers.
6) We'll be excused if we come late to school.
7) ... ETC.

It's only my first day here and I've already done my 1st Chemistry experiment.
I had to learn the entire experiment in 5 minutes because my previous teacher taught us 'nuts' and she went into labour on my dad's birthday, I think. She hardly enter classes, which brought me here. Alas, I did my experiment really well and handed in my report on the spot too, lol.
Handling with a lot of pink-ness as we used phenolphthalein, hahaa.
I enjoyed my day today :)

And oh yaa, Sue, Preetha, my siblings, Sherlyn, Jestyne, Zhi Jian, Anan, Sanggivi and myself caught Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
It's a disappointment to me, I mean the 11 of us.
Sighs, David Yates [the director]... there was NO QUIDDITCH at all!
Where's Ron Weasley who would win the match and there'd be chants of "Weasley is our King"?

Big sighs for this movie.
Transformers had totally beaten them bad.
Feel like watching it again... :D

Anyone who's got MuteMath's Transformers Theme song,

Alright... heh, getting nostalgic already, bleh.
It's a new day tomorrow, adieu!

♥ xoxo

Thanks for the memories...

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