Monday, June 11, 2007

Church Camp 2007, Genting

Ehh yo y'all, I'm back! :D

Ha, Genting was fun...
But it would've been better if someone came along too, eh? ;D
*wink wink nudge nudge*

Anyways, just one day before the Genting trip, I invited sis out for a small shopping spree.
Hah, decided to pamper myself, along together with sis, just us sisters.
Well, for the four months I've worked in Harris, I've not spent ANYTHING on myself.
Therefore... hee :)

It's time.

Aww, look at those fats... XD
And sis looks emo, lol.

Makk Ciikkk.. RAWWWRR!!! Wakakakaa... XD
[inside joke, please refer to previous post]

We had fun.
We had new clothes, wee :D

* * * * * *

The very next day, we went to church at 9AM for the bus.
So off we went.

Bryan, Celine, Benson and Melissa.
"We rocked the bus".

We hoped for a smooth trip, but you see... I guess there has to be some drama somewhere.
Well you see, I was sleeping despite being super bumpy because I was sitting at the furthest back seat. And suddenly I felt the bus swayed really fast to one side, so I woke up.

You want drama?
Okay, the bus broke down.

See the long tyre mark?
That was how hard the driver swayed :/

The tyre punctured, the air-cond wasn't great, they opened the door to see what's going on with the bus and people had to go down for emergencies...

Little did any of us know, we were next to a plantation area, so....

Tonnes of these flew in.
How I got the pic?
Mel's a great photographer, that's all, haha :)

And you see, most of the old folks couldn't really hold their tanks, so we had to escort them safely to the bushes and drains and make a toilet out of umbrellas and shawls.
Sighs, it was a sad situation, but I have to say, the old folks were really brave :)

Three hours waiting in that contaminated bus for the spare tyre to come.
But then later we had a normal school bus to bring us to the nearest stop to just get away from that place finally.
Ohh, so glad I left that bus.

We rested for a while in Shalalala Coffee house, loved the air-cond.
After a while we've rested, they announced that the bus was back.

When I reached the place, my hair fell out cause it was the very same bus we left earlier.
I went in making new friends with flies like George and Sally, I just slumped back into my seat.
It seems that many of the old folks and young kids were really good at killing flies.
The windows next top them were their record holders, literally.
Even flies that were in the process of mating next to me died in that position getting smacked by Bryan. How sad, lol.

Eskimos after the flies.
Us girls in between 2 Bryans, Yong and Ho.

Afraid I'd open my mouth when I fell asleep, I used his jacket as my shield.
It made things better and I went to sleep.

When I woke up, it seem that all the flies flew into the curtains on top, so they weren't bothering us no more. And soon after, I saw this...

*angels' ahhs*
Wahahaaa... XD

Slowly but surely, we reached Genting View Resort.
11 hours in the bus, can you believe it? Heh.
Honestly, the resort's pretty fine.
Way better than I really expected it to be.

I'll let the pictures and captions do the talking.

After the first morning service :)

After the whole camp photo session.
Didn't get to get that shot.. :( thanks to Celine, harumph.

Then we had free time.
People got to go up to Genting Highlands were the fun is.
Mum didn't let us :(
So what did we do?





It's c-c-cold... it's colddd...
Wahahaaaa.... XD

So when people ask me what did I do in Genting?
I'll just honestly say, "I swam".

Hee... :D
*shivering* ooh.. s-s-syiookk feeling h-huh..??


All smiles :)

-.-"..... Lah, sorry larr.. lol.
I just like this babydoll a lot! :D
Yeah, recently bought when sis and I shopped.

The apartment's great!
My family and Bryan Yong shared the same apartment.
It looks better than this lar, too lazy to take pics of the apartment, nanti card full.

We played funny, funny games... lol.

Teens and kids at the command of adults, lol..
The left, the left, the left, the right, the back... XD
Oh Lynette, you know your sis :)

Battling, lol.
Sway those hips! XD

And since it was the last night, we went partying at Nicholas' apartment :D

Let's go :D

Wee... :D

Becky Jie, ROFLMAO!! XD

So, we said our goodnights and went back to our apartment.

Our congregation :)

Our camp's speaker, Rev Timothy Ewing-Chow.
Very funny lively guy! With a hilarious laugh, LOL.
Nette, I didn't know that he was the same speaker we had for DYC '02 in Cameron Highlands!

Esther Doding and us! She's really nice :)
Camp's over, we're going home.

Snapping some pics on the way... :)

Heheh... :)

I know I'm a good photographer ;)

* * * * * *

The trip back was smooth and safe.
Thank God.

Overall, camp was fun.
I loved the resort.
It was great, and something I'd like to remember... except George, Sally and friends :)

P.S : Sis blogged about the trip too! Read her views and see more pics!
... Cause aku malas upload, lol.

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