Thursday, June 28, 2007

Delays. Period.

Hey y'all... :)

My transfer to SDJ is still not complete.
Can you believe it?
Sighs, thanks to my teacher who seems to very busy bla-bla-blah... right.
So the process gets long and draggy.

Nevertheless, this period of delays had allowed me to do many things.
I managed to revive the dying Christian Fellowship in my school by God's praise, which is really great! Since I'll be leaving, I want to have some assurance that it'll stay aflamed, so I invited City Harvest Church, JB to come host it every Friday. It's so much fun!
Awesome :)
If you guys want them to come to your schools, you let me know ;)

I managed to stick around long enough to help my ex-classmate for the past 5 years who is also now my classmate, Chan Buan Fei who got transfered from SDJ to get used to the new school. Lol, he came here and I'm going there, what larr. And I was soooooo happy to finally be with Abigail Ong after 4 years+ who got transfered from SIGS! We did a lot of catching up, I missed her so much! We got to hang around school during recess since we're in different streams.

I've got to go for a steamboat dinner aka farewell dinner with my ex-colleagues since a few colleagues and myself are not gonna be working there already. So yeah.

Sighs, I've been sleeping like a pig recently...
Dropping dead on the couch after school, wake up to do something and I'm back on the bed...
Lol, tired I guess?

Yes, I do...And... I'm missing him :(

Sighs, I didn't even say goodbye and wish him well before he left for college earlier because...

I fell asleep.

Alright, I need to get ready.

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