Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pertukaran Lokasi.

Hey y'all :)
I'm getting transfered to SMK Dato' Jaafar.
Well, SSI and EC are full, so that's my other alternate option.
SDJ it is.

Heh, I'm gonna be Danny Boy's classmate for 7 years in a row now.

Why does God have to put us together in the SAME class without fail for 7 years?
Primary 6 till Form 5... and now Form 6, lol.
Bio class somemore, wahahahaa.
Anyways, hope it'll be great.
It'll be easier for me to go for tuition too :)

I'll be leaving SMK Permas Jaya pretty soon.
Sighs, I like the people, but not the school and their pretty dumb rules.
Ohh well, perhaps I'll be seeing some of them in tuition anyways :)

So, we had some photo sessions, lol.
Here are a couple of pics... [will edit more when I get them]

Hwei Hway :)
She's really nice.

The boys... hahaa.

We can go Bollywood ;)

Hwei Hway, Mei Huey and Phei Yin.

Well, we weren't too sure where we should look at with the couple of cameramans...
So, I just had to blink -.-"
Sighs, great, lol.

Big cheers! :D

* * * * * *

After school today... [sighs, and it's a Saturday for crying out loud...]
I quickly got home, changed, rushed my lunch and Sue's mum came to fetch us to Danny Boy's house. We gathered to hang out with Brad who just got back from KL for a while.
So, we catched up with one another... after a long time :)
Also played a lot of basketball like crazy, lol.
It's good to sweat it out, hahahaa.

And I also redeemed some pics Sue and I took when we caught Shrek 3 last month, lol.
Here they are...

Hahaa, we had fun over at Danny's place.
Brad will only becoming back on the 26th of September.

On our way back, the junction above my street was packed with people and the road was blocked.
Apparently, there was a dead man lying in the middle of the road covered with newspaper. I had no idea what was going on...
As we drove down my road, the entire neighbourhood were out of their houses, talking about the death that had occured.
I dunno what was going on, Ben and I had to go in.
Sighs... :(
Whoever you are... R.I.P.

I'm the keyboardist for tomorrow's service, so will have to go to church early tomorrow.
Sighs, no credit.... somebody reload for me? :D
Hahaa alright, au revoir.

[ Far right picture: We're besties with braces, mwahahaaa. ]

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