Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ponteng sekolah...?

Notice a difference between this picture I just took and the other one I took about 6 weeks ago?
Pretty fast eh? :)

Nah, I had my dental appointment today.
So, mana boleh pergi sekolah?

Well, I really have to start studying my ass off right now, can't slack if I want good grades whilst taking STPM right?
Heh, the 4th hardest paper in the world. Heh.
School's kinda okay, except for the fact that most teachers MIA most of the time.
So, we're kinda on our own. I'm trying to figure a way to get to tuition as soon as possible.

Haha, recently my bro, Ben entered this Yamaha drum competition.
Well, mainly you have to hit this drum as many times as you can in single strokes, no doubles - in one minute.
So... pictures please...

The man, Whita Teo :) Yo! Lol.

Benson showing off testing the drums, lol.

Ben's adorable supporters from our church's children programme! :D
The cute Khoo twins and Isaac Yap.
So happen they were hanging around Jusco, hahaa.

And, of course, we're the best supporters lar, lol.

You can do it Ben! Go go!

Phew, he's exhausted.
He managed 748 hits in one minute.
Good job :)

He didn't win the first place but 2nd.
It's alright, and he walked away with a RM300 voucher :D
Wonder what he's gonna buy... hmm.

And after that, we went to a restaurant where I bought dad and the entire family a nice dinner.
To celebrate Father's day of course, the bill's on me :)

Happy Father's Day, Dad...
and I bought him a gift too,
I'm sure he loved it.

Getting him that gift was so farnie larr.
Okay, what would you be thinking if you saw a girl in her school uniform buying liquor?
Well, I am 18 and it wasn't past 9PM yet, and I'm not a muslim.
The cashier was in a state of shock.
That's all I'm saying, lol.

And while Ben was walking back from school, an aunty called him and pointed towards something and this was what he saw...

"Don't touch him!", she said before Benson could approach the man to check if he was unconscious or dead. "Get your parents with you before you do".

People, I couldn't believe what I heard from Ben when he reached home.
It was raining, people passed by and YET no one helped :(
Actually, that aunty could've called the police or something.
She was scared of being accused if he was dead or something.

Apparently, that man 'pengsan-ed' while walking back to his house, and he was just up my street where the junction was. We informed the police but they didn't show up.
So, dad and Ben went to the police station to report this case themselves.
And guess what? That policeman gave the excuse that he couldn't come because there was no vehicle available at that moment.

W T H ?
What if there was an emergency?
How could Malaysia's police force behave like this?
It ain't right =/

Guess what's next?
My dad had to 'tumpang' the policeman to the scene.
What a joke.
Soon after, the ambulance came.
Great job to the Police force, I applaud you.

Anyways, Yen Fah's puppies courtesy of Macy are sooooooo cute!!! :D
Here are a couple of pics!

:D :D :D

Awww.... the cuteness! :D

Okay, that's all for now.
P.S: I love you...

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