Friday, June 15, 2007

Their rules stink worse than my socks...

Sighs, can this school give me anymore problems?
Rest assured I guess.
I tried liking their school, seriously... it just ain't working okay.

First, they tell me baju kurung are not allowed for the non-muslims.
Okay fine you know, whatever.

And now?

After wearing the long beige skirt for about a week, a teacher called me saying, "Eh girl, come here I wanna talk to you...". I'm like soooo not anticipating this one.
Then she started commenting on my hair, my earrings, my badge 'which are you school from huh?'... ohh fine. And then she said I cannot wear long skirts.

W T H ?

"All SMKPJ students have to wear short skirts only, you're a student here so you follow the rules".

For the first time in my life, I've entered a school that doesn't encourage long skirts but want us girls to shorten them.
Oh ho ho for laughing out loud.
So I just told her that I'll be transfering school soon, and told her who was in charge bla-bla.
"In JB students can wear long skirt?", in a strict tone.
"Of course, most definitely! Long skirts are allowed... [baju kurungs too! you people... :P]", I answered in disbelief.

As far as I'm concerned, I've bought my uniform. It is not a taboo in the PPD but your pathetic rules. You think I can just spend money on uniforms like this? Think again. Like it or not, you're gonna see me in this long skirt as long as I'm studying here.
I've got one long skirt and one short skirt, I alternate them lar. Want to make my mother suffer to wash one uniform everyday meh?
Siao arr?

Sighs, how much more and how much longer do I need to get this kinda $#!T from these people? :/

Well, studies are okay actually, I think.
Except for Chemistry, ohh the teacher... *shakes head* :(
I can read from the book too you know..
I like Maths T so far, Bio I think I can still understand but it's slow, MUET's not on my mind, Pengajian Am is still okay but slow.

I've got about 27 students in my class:
8 chinese girls, 5 indian girls, 8 malay girls...
4 chinese guys, 1 indian and malay guy, lol.
They're alright :)

Umm, just a couple of days ago, HARRIS called me.
I was pretty surprised.
I thought I quit? Lol.
Well apparently, the big boss of Harris was surveying the sales of the Popular cards and thought that I did very well... So, the big boss told my supervisor to look for me and ask me if I wanna come back, but this time not as a cashier but...
A Popular Card promoter.

And she did, she told me everything I needed to know..
So, I'll be working 8 hours a day on Saturdays and get paid in cold hard cash on the very same day, and it's not bad :D What do ya know? Mel took the offer.
Well, I need it lar cause I have to pay for my tuition fees that I'm going to take soon, I hope. Don't talk abouut tuition lar, I don't even have enough to buy my STPM reference books :(

ANYONE who wants to give/lend me STPM reference books, PLEASE let me know.
Desperate here :(

Will be starting tomorrow.
Actually... It's kinda like a relief that I'm not going back as a cashier, lol.

Oyy, I'm beginning to put on weight A G A I N! XD
Gaah! Sighs, lost so much weight when I was working, and then put on again... :(
Big sighs.

Gahh, I'm off.

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